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StephieJay Rating
Ok, so this is not what I was expecting, but for the first volume I'm hooked! It's too funny!! In the synopsis it says a "depraved human and a pushy vampire" but it's more like a pushover of a vampire! Lol! He's such a sucker for Hajime's blood that he goes along with everything and it's hilarious! We'll see how their dynamic progresses, but so far I love it!
Mouse Rating
LOVE IT! New favorite. The vampire (white hair, "bottom") ends up getting himself into a sticky situation with a human (black hair, "top"). The vampire is drawn to this average-looking human because his blood just smells THAT good! He can't resist it! He goes for a quick bite, but in a funny twist, the human is a huge masochist and gets turned on when he's bitten. He agrees to let our cute little vampire continue to feed on him, but only if he verbally abuses him and treats him like a slave! I love the dynamic of a cheeky masochist who's a total tease, and a feisty sadist who can't say no to his delicious meal.
Jacks Rating
This seems to be really fun. Gave me a good laugh. Becomes smut really fast but without pacing too fast. I'm looking forward to all the weird situation the two of them will get in. 5*
ArwenFairfolk Rating
Love the art work! And the characters are hilarious! Can't wait to see them further their relationship.
pudobudo Rating
This was so cute!!! Shion is absolutely adorable he's so bratty and cute.
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
Love it when the tsundere's icy exterior starts to melt! Hopefully the next chapter arrives soon.
SadAsian Rating
Yay! I've been looking for this! I love this publication company. They have a lot of my favorite stories
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