User Reviews For: I Can Say "I Love You" in the Afterlife


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TomatoKah91 Rating
This is already really cute and the MC and the love interest have already won me over. I can't wait to read more!
acordero Rating
I really am enjoying this one so far. Personally love the art style and it's well paced doesn't feel rushed for me. Hopefully we get more backstory about the MC adult life, I'd really enjoy that. Can't wait for the rest of the chapters to come, just finished the most recent one and love it!!
dirtyangeltoes Rating
My God, this is so FRIGGIN' CUTE!! It's essentially a travel back in time/do-over high school romance story, and I'm loving every second of it. The humor is well placed and the MCs make it a fun and interesting read without detracting from the smut. It's surprisingly wholesome as well, so I definitely recommend this manga if any of these things listed tickle your fancy.
natyei Rating
This is very cute! I hope it's as good as I'm anticipating :)
ebookrenta03bbgogox Rating
Really good, really sweet. Deeper than I thought it would be. A must-read for sure.
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
Oh my goodness, so good! So many of these stories are enjoyable but you have a pretty good idea where they are heading, but with this one I wasn't expecting the plot to go the way it did. I need chapter 5 soon to find out what happens next!!
radish Rating
This looks cute and promising !!
packgoat Rating
TRUE LOVE EXISTS... I love this manga so much, I would totally purchase a 2nd volume with a slice of life narrative of Gaku and Kunimi just doing things together ???
Overdressed Rating
I love it, it was so cute and suprisingly hot for a romantic story like this
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