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AinoKusabi Rating
Loved it, and love this author!!! Pretty art. Good story. Very touching. A breath of fresh air from the usual in the genre.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
So awesome! I was a bit uncertain cause the cover art isn't great, but the art inside is fantastic. The story is a great balance of steamy and sweet. The characters had great back stories without dragging on. The plot was important and not just the juicy stuff. It flowed great and overall gets five stars.
kittywitty Rating
I really enjoyed this! The story is sweet, the sex scenes steamy, and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. I definitely recommend it!!
ebookrenta0nqarcyif Rating
Gorgeous art, steamy sex, and a refreshingly healthy relationship development! Very much enjoyed this. Thinking of looking for it in print, that's how much I liked it!
Lolli Rating
It is my first purchase on Renta! and I really love the pretty art style and the heartwarming story. And a BL story about camping or hiking sounded kind of new to me so I felt intrigued.
Wooahh Rating
I really enjoyed this one
KittyKat Rating
So sweet, I want more stories of this town
nonarygamed Rating
Really bittersweet, in a good way!
Akiu Rating
I loved it! The art is so beautiful. The characters are hot and OMG the sex scenes!!! It not just the usual positions, there are some well drawn new kind of views.The story has depth and the MCs have background. There are also some funny scenes.They go hiking in the story, there's a wonderful mountain view, too!
FrenziedMage86 Rating
I thought that they could have gotten more out of this storyline, however it was really cute, a little bittersweet sweet with a reward at the end kinda deal. Great art, Fabulous bodies!!!
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