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dirtyangeltoes Rating
Well, damn! I was expecting kinky due to the tags, but this seriously went above and beyond those expectations. I rarely see the red light district shown so realistically in manga, much less yaoi, so this is an absolute kinky treat. If you're into voyeurism and S&M tendencies, you'll love this. The MC is a well-respected business man with a hidden fetish involving high school boys and sadism... and that's all you really need to know. The art work is absolutely gorgeous as well, which brings it all together into a perfect start.I can't wait to see more chapters and witness how the two MCs relationship will develop under such unique circumstances. Ugh, I love it!!
Cygnus Rating
So far so good for 1st chapter as in description. Interesting characters personality and concept. I can definitely keep reading this to see how these two will develop their relationship with each other. I love the art and damn spicy hot too!
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Volume 1 and I am hooked! That seme is GORGEOUS and the uke's personality so far is funny/cute! I am literally on edge waiting for more!!!
hanandduke Rating
Ohh ohhh I like!! LOL
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Had no idea what to expect but it was a really good emotional journey. Both Kyohei and Haru had hang ups of rejection that determined the choices they were making. Their trauma was realistic but how they healed was purely for entertaining value. Both needed therapy lol!!!! It's touching but seems shallow even though they get their HEA. It wasn't my favorite but it still was pretty good.
baristachan Rating
Smutty? Cute? Wholesome? Somehow this is all of those things, though it might not seem it just from the description. Really really enjoyed this one.
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