User Reviews For: His Secret Life as a Fake High Schooler


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dirtyangeltoes Rating
Well, damn! I was expecting kinky due to the tags, but this seriously went above and beyond those expectations. I rarely see the red light district shown so realistically in manga, much less yaoi, so this is an absolute kinky treat. If you're into voyeurism and S&M tendencies, you'll love this. The MC is a well-respected business man with a hidden fetish involving high school boys and sadism... and that's all you really need to know. The art work is absolutely gorgeous as well, which brings it all together into a perfect start.I can't wait to see more chapters and witness how the two MCs relationship will develop under such unique circumstances. Ugh, I love it!!
Cygnus Rating
So far so good for 1st chapter as in description. Interesting characters personality and concept. I can definitely keep reading this to see how these two will develop their relationship with each other. I love the art and damn spicy hot too!
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Volume 1 and I am hooked! That seme is GORGEOUS and the uke's personality so far is funny/cute! I am literally on edge waiting for more!!!
hanandduke Rating
Ohh ohhh I like!! LOL
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