User Reviews For: I'll Show You how Good It Feels, Just Like in the Comics. -My Co-Worker's a Party Boy and Ex-Indie Comic Artist-


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Ali1381 Rating
This is a great start! They built a good tension between the characters and revealed something interesting in the end. Can't wait for the next one~
chouchou Rating
okay, I initially passed over this due to the rather generic cover and premise... but I completely didn't register the part of the title saying that the male lead himself is a former comic artist!! that's a rare device in Love manga. this manga has skyrocketed in my rankings. the writing, the plot, characterization, art.... very hot with some unexpectedly stirring heartache and emotion. kind of funny too, and the drama doesn't overstay its welcome. it uses a lot of common plot devices in Love manga but executes them convincingly. I was actually feeling for the two of them when Nana (MC) was wrestling with her insecurities + Minato is basically what I would dream of in a guy lol. honest, sweet, and complex! every love manga enthusiast needs to read this, it's well paced and sincere while being very hot, of course!
SadAsian Rating
Art-> cute.Story-> cute.Plot-> well written.I need to know what happens next! I always love a good office romance with a shared secret
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is so good!!!! The title is kinda off putting lol but the characters and story and art more than make up for that. Nana is incredibly likable. At first I was like please don't be an “I'm not like other girls” girl. She's not! TG! She's just awkward and completely absorbed in her true life calling- drawing manga!!! And Minato is so cute. He's more than a cute face and party boy. He's efficient and also really well rounded. And you just can't help but love him!!! No ow drama and it's hot!!
Shouta987 Rating
Just finished chapter 3 and so far I'm IN LOVE! The character development is a bit rushed in one aspect (not necessarily a bad thing or at least I don't think) and at a steady pace on the other hand. The main guy is a bit pompous at times but I think it's a defense mechanism. I have have to admit I like guys are a little hard to get (that's how I got my husband lol but he's more quiet & standoff-ish type doesn't joke insult or things like that). In all, looking forward to the next chapter, worth the money and has a solid, almost charming storyline. OMG the 'heroine' & 'hero' are so cute with each other I can't even!? ? The progression of their relationship is what I think I'm so excited to see. It reminds a bit of Over-Cumming Writers Block and Beastly Boss is My Neighor but completely in it's way. I'm more referring to the passion and interest they has in each other??
Ashi997 Rating
Love the storyline and their sexual tension build-up. I Recommend this manga to everyone, pretty sure it's worth every dollar spent. Can't wait for future chapterssss :D
frozen Rating