User Reviews For: Brotherly Love [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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MissMaus Rating
Brace yourself y'all this comic is firmly in the splash zone. 100% up to your eyeballs in smut. There's a ton of coercion in this, and the first experiences of both bottoms are very aggressive, so if you have a hard time with that, look elsewhere. But if you're fine with the above, bring a tarp. And wear some eye protection.
GregorIAN Rating
Both stories are pretty vapid. Empty and disappointing. Noncon involved in the first, and some pretty shallow reasoning throughout.
kittywoods88 Rating
Both couples were cute.
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
so, so, so hot, daaaamn. Warning, though, brief noncon in the first story. I love the fact that he responds like a reasonable person and gifo, then then a reasonable apology and talking like damn adults or something. So great. The second story is even hotter than the first. I'll definitely be re-reading this story in the future, probably multiple times...
byleth Rating
Pretty simple stuff but I loved it either way! Rented it at first but decided to just upgrade so I can go back to reading it lol. I liked the art enough and I thought the smut scenes were incredibly hot! Just content warning for noncon though if that's not your thing probably stay away!
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