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fionav3 Rating
This is gorgeous. Just finished the fourth issue and can't wait for the next. It's an incredibly sweet story between 2 nicely developed characters whom I'm really invested in. The story as a whole is simple but lovely and the art is gorgeous. I would love more manga like this. <3
Oinut Rating
Well written, amazing characters, beautiful story. I have re-read this many times and will continue too; absolutely love it.
vicwalker Rating
This one is so sweet! It's really interesting how their relationship works around since highschool till coworkers at a flying company, the two are well constructed by themselves and together, the drawing is beautiful, the smut didn't felt off place (and there is not that much). It's one of my favorites on Renta.
Qyubey Rating
Very cute and wholesome. The main characters are wonderful together and have a sweet relationship. No real dramas to speak of, just two people realizing their love for one another. Big recommend!
pyxlflip Rating
So perfectly sweet and cute!
melissadelgadoocasio Rating
I like it. And I want to see how the story develop
acedevorak Rating
I'll admit it, I cried. I cried at the end. They love each other and I'm so happy for them that I cried. That's it.No but really I teared up. This is really sweet and the art is cute. The exploration of how to show your emotions even though self-preservation clouds your mind, it's chef's kiss. The communication at the end? Beautiful. Overall a nice light and sweet read. 10/10!
MariMiau25 Rating
I want more!! It was just so cute and wholesome and funny, I really liked it!! And the art was just amazing too!! I really hope to see more stories like this and I would love to have an extra or something, I could binge in another volume right now seriously xD
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