User Reviews For: We Can't Do Just Plain Love -She's Got a Fetish, Her Boss Has Low Self-Esteem-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I fell in love with the art first. It's so pretty but atypical all the same. I like it. I like that both leads have their own past traumas that are holding them back from living their life to the fullest and that the fmc suggests that they partner up to fix it. But she's definitely doing it for selfish reasons. And her speech at the end sounded more like a proposal lol!! Looking forward to the next update!
Mangareader Rating
The sheer steam of this manga is top notch. If you like getting a wonderful dose of character development that is quick to the point but also satisfies both MCs, this is an exciting read. The use of dialogue in between visuals is also very well balanced - I know that's a weird thing to point out but it really does matter with the pacing of stories like this one. The author was able to spin what could have been a haphazard plot into a story of two mature professionals with some real quirks that are actually understandable - it's something I rarely see done effectively but is done excellently here. It's exciting to see the moment of internal struggle and thought processing in each character as they think about their actions (but in a way that really helps the story). Readers please enjoy!
chouchou Rating
both leads are so hot and cool... who treat their individual complexes with sensitivity and a bit of hilarity. like, they don't take themselves so seriously but they are honest about those complexes with each other, all within the first chapter. female lead is refreshingly blunt and forward while the male lead is charismatic and also a little more on the passive side lmao. kinda balanced personalities. hetero love manga really needs a series like this, and I'm loving it.
Boobsbutts69 Rating
This doujin...perfection.The sex scenes are incredibly hot and the chemistry between the love interests characters is @.@ This is such a refreshing story and I hope to see more chapters and more stories from this mangaka.
s8ans Rating
love everything about this, the art, their quirks, their personalities..... this is a good one
daydreamin Rating
this is so good!! the premise is interesting, the story is great, the ykw scenes are hot, and both the ML and the FL are extremely attractive
Bootsykk Rating
Gorgeous art, a really fun role-reversal dynamics in the bedroom versus romantic development, and some light kink stuff thrown in... This one is really good. Really excited to see more with how unique the main characters dynamic is.
lbrandy46 Rating
Finally a manga with a women who isn't afraid to take the lead!
Mapford77 Rating
The art is gorgeous and the scenes are so intense in a very very good way. I am so looking forward to the next update!!
greverlind Rating
My absolute favorite! I love the artwork and hot dayum is the MC hot!! ???
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