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Tyto Rating
This is a series I am extremely eager to see updates for! The art style and story are both on par. I especially love how both main characters are drawn structurally 'mature' in face and body which makes them feel like they are on a 'even' dynamic. It feels.. ironically more real to me than other BL mangas which I appreciate a lot. Layla also nails it with every character's facial expressions.. It can be so subtle and it leaves you with so many feelings. It is incredible how much chemistry this pair already has and I cannot wait to see how their story goes.
Ibeshippin Rating
I love this! They're one of the most perfect couples I've ever read about. They also all look like models! The “husky” and his son are literally adorable! Blonde should join the family.. Can't wait to see what happens next. ??
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
It was much more tender and the character's internal dialogues were more realistic than I was expecting. Really want to find out where this goes next!
akaahiro082016 Rating
the art style just beautiful
maria Rating
I like tris manga, it is beautiful.
ChattyK2125 Rating
Wow! I am super excited to read more! This first volume is such a teaser and in such a great way!
Trucky88 Rating
I've just read this and wow I love it already, top might turn out to be a bit pushy but I think they've got good chemistry. Looking forward to next chap already.
nbyk Rating
Really sweet
yellowdoors Rating
This market is so cute and adorable I loved every page of it. It's extremely relevant the story and plot line thickens immensely all of the side characters are great. I would highly recommend this for anybody that was a cute romantic love story!
Bunbunsenpai Rating
Extremely cute story would recommend to my grandmother if I knew her
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