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emily Rating
This comic is so sweet and sexy. (I have read the JP version before many times, I was hype to see it here). It's set in a "Dom/Sub Verse" where everyone has a secondary gender, either dominant or submissive. There's a lot to like here, but I particularly enjoy how it toes the line between the dom giving out "punishment" (sexy) and "praise" (heart-warming and cute). I also love the muscular sub letting his partner take control. They really grow into their relationship and it's fun to see how they react to one another.
GrimLuciel Rating
The art is really nice. But, this is like omegaverse but uh...BDSM themed? I'm not super into it because the sub doesn't really want it or the position. Not really my vibes.
Tintinabule Rating
I loved it. But you need to understand the type of relationship. Like omegaverse when alphas are in rut and omegas in estrus are pushed by their pheromones, here it's about a dom who wishes to control, love and care for a sub and the sub who wishes to be controlled, loved and cared for. So it's still consensual, and secure with safe words and both get to express what they want. I waited to read the whole series before commenting here to make sure I was comfortable with the whole story and it didn't disappoint. I would recommend to read with an open mind. Both MC are really cute and develop a great relationship. Also, the art is amazing!
littlevixen Rating
It's like omegaverse but with doms and subs and the dom is forcing the sub into a relationship because they want to control him. It's an unhealthy problematic relationship but the art is gorgeous!
ashestoashes Rating
Absolute perfection! This book is worth the money and the concept is really exciting! I really hope there is a spin off of the nurse and his lover...
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
So hot and so sweet! I like how they balance the sexy dom vs sub elements with the reasoning behind it and the dom character isn't judgemental towards his sub.
Bezymore Rating
It's interesting of the topic.
Kiris Rating
It's so sweet and spicy! I can't belive what an excellent read this was.
coolkat Rating
Unexpected but amazing storyline definitly would reccemend.
kagome383 Rating
I'm really into hard-core stuff like this, so for me it's an amazing real. BDSM and sub-dom stuff hits all the right categories that I love.
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