User Reviews For: I Was Reincarnated in Another World and Auctioned off as a Slave


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Lordnumnums Rating
Love the art style and am looking forward to the next chapter :)
DollieVile Rating
So I am in love with this and cannot wait to read more chapters!! I was a bit wary at first because of the whole slave thing. However, in the culture of the realm, it's a consensual form of spicy work that helps lead to a better life, and they actually get paid for their services pretty heckin handsomely. Which I am 100% here for. Also the guy who ends up buying the MC turns out to be an absolute sweetie. Not to mention there's actually a foundation for a fantastic story, with character development, along with all the spicy scenes. And let me tell you, the spicy scene are full of uncensored flavor. A++ in my book. <3
animepie Rating
This is surprisingly more wholesome than I expected. Of course there are kinky sex scenes involving anyone not the MC right now but it's impressively respectable and wholesome compared to other stories with this premise. I'm kinda invested in seeing the development. It earned me a few laughs too so I hope it doesn't let me down.
LilBeth1221 Rating
Isekai trop? yes, complete with the dying while saving another's life, but it didn't jump on the yaoi trop band wagon with the dubcon/noncon = true love in the first chapter so it definitely has potential. The art is great and I like where the story seems* to be heading. It's a good start but I hesitate to give it five stars until I see where Uta Sensei takes it. I am looking forward to the next update.
Cygnus Rating
Hahaha This is better than I thought after 2nd chapter. What an interesting isekai world and slave system. Totally not what I expected. Can't wait for the relationship to develop between Shuu and prince Jadeite. Beautiful art and best of all, it's uncensored!
KingOfK3arts Rating
Review at 2 chapters in:I really like this so far, first of all it's an Isekai so that's an automatic win in my book and everything, (so far) has been very respectful even though the slave (bottom) hasn't wanted to have s*x so his prince hasn't forced him which I very much enjoy. So far it's a 10/10 from me.
aliceanimelover Rating
You'd really thought it might be one of those annoying typical yaoi harlequin genre with lots of mindless sex scenes, but it shifted a bit. No! The seme isn't a complete stone face, cold heart man! He's actually a hopeful man with aspirations and dreams, and yes! He has emotions and feelings too! I love the development of their relationship so far and can not wait to read more of this Manga. Worth the money invested! Thank you author for the nice storyline and artwork!
pudobudo Rating
Omg this is soooo good!!!!!! I picked it up when I saw the Renta rankings and from the first episode I was hooked!! There's such a really good story behind this and it's not your typical Isekai imo. The MC did come from a normal world but he doesn't think about that too much or talk about the new world from an 3rd perspective which I appreciate. The sex scenes are HOT and uncensored but they don't actually happen as often as you'd expect based on the title. A lot of the story is the MC figuring out his past and his relationship developing with the most nonproblematic ML. I love it.
beefly Rating
Sexy plus I love it When there are no light sabers. It took a while for it to get to super juicy parts but this last chapter was the bomb.
Rudite Rating
Really enjoyed the story of how two people found each other, themselves and a place to call home. A prince and a commoner, who would have thought. It was sweet, it had suspense and ultimately they saved each other. The prince came to accept who he was in terms of what he wanted and not what his father expected. He also found someone who not only encouraged his endeavours, they also came to love each other. The commoner (reincarnated) was able to find his place in his new world and with someone who appreciated him for who he was.
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