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boarhandles Rating
I love the premise of this story?who doesn't like a hot dude that's super shy and adorable?? The scenes are super hot such that I've read the first chapter over and over again. Definitely buy! Can't wait to read more.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Awww this is pretty cute. Her boss is just full of surprises!! I love how sweet he is!! Hopefully she quits this “spy” rouse soon. This escalated very quickly and it gets to the steamy bits fast, but there still is some heart to it as well.
ShinjuK Rating
I have not read anything other than Yaoi for a long time because I did not find that romance and passion in this genre, however I have to say that this manga has left me speechless in every way. It has sweetness, comedy and sets you on fire like a summer without air conditioning. The illustrations are beautiful. When I bought the first chapter I already knew that I would buy it all! I can't wait for more! a great and wonderful job.
SelaM Rating
This is so good! The art is lovely, the main character is hilarious, the love interest is cute and sexy (both? YES!), the sex scenes are hot. I'm excited to read more!
daydreamin Rating
this is so cute so far!! ive been waiting for this to be translated for months and it's not disappointing at all
Cindypyon Rating
9 Aug 2021Amazing first chapter. The art is great and is this the era of big buff guys in straight adult manga, cus hell yeah lolRead 4 chapters and plot is okay. Main has a problem and hope it gets resolved without too much drama. The male lead has an understanding personality, so I think it will be fine.Chapter 5 is gonna be lots of fun hehe (they go to her place first time) :3
Lovemykids1 Rating
I keep falling more and more in love with these Characters. Every new chapter keeps me on the edge of my seat. Keep on getting better!!
MoonLitWitch Rating
Slow burn into a pleasure bin ^-^
GenSan13 Rating
Enjoyable and fun read!
rentareader888 Rating
This is so funny, hot, and cute!! 10/10 recommend
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