User Reviews For: My Alter-Ego is a Gangster!


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alienxxi Rating
A timid student with a delinquent split personality gets involved with another school's delinquent. It's cute how Mitsuru can keep the delinquent split personality of Taichi tamed. If you are for school yakees and split personality, you would like this.
SadAsian Rating
Good art and nice story. Like where its going so far
CarmillaKarnstein Rating
Artstyle and MCs are hot but rapid pacing and split personality plot is kind of confusing and nonsensical. Way more sexual assault flashbacks than I expected too. Glad I only rented the first four chapters, not worth buying IMO.
makmaklala Rating
First chapter is amazing! The art style is great, and the two MC's are hot af. Cant wait to keep reading - seems like one of those hilarious story lines ?
Tintinabule Rating
I usually really like the gangster bottom stories because they make strong characters. But here there are some issues due to (SPOILER ALERT) sexual assault trauma and because of that I felt that the relationship between the two MC was a bit too forceful to be really credible, even with the split personality. It could have been really good because the concept was interesting. That's too bad...
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