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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Two words: Tentacles Alien!!! Ummm yeah this is so crazy and really going 100mph here! Honestly I'm digging this zany story about a virgin human (Sora) and a really cute albeit aggressive top alien prince (Regulus). See Regulus is in love with Sora (“if there's love then it doesn't count as harassment” mentality) and wants him to have his babies since his people are dying out. Oh no!! Zero backstory, but the characters are interesting to say the least and it's pretty original. Wanna see what's up next.
dirtyangeltoes Rating
The plot is so 'out of this world' and ridiculous that you can't help laugh (but in a good way). The artwork is very unique and not one I've often seen in BL/yaoi's honestly lovely and reminds me a bit of the artwork in the gender bender manga Boku Girl (both are distinct and have hilarious plots). This artist's smut is also top notch; they spoil the readers with plenty of different fetishes sprinkled through in a way that's not overwhelming...It definitely kept me interested in the wacky story going on while simultaneously piquing my interest in other ways, hehe. All in all, this story is a lot of fun and worth reading if you're up for some raunchy BL alien comedy!
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
The writing is all over the place and not that great, could have been tightened up and either more or less ridiculous to be a more enjoyable story. The art is great, though, and how can you go wrong with tentacles? The censoring is ok, too, not as much shown as I would hope for, but much better than some I've read here, so whatever, 5 stars for cheap silly smut with great art showing the good bits and a story that made me roll my eyes but also smile.Definitely heavy warning for "he says no but he really loves it" noncon that is every in manga, too, which I am sad that I apparently have gotten used to.
Leviathan Rating
I love it it sounds hot that a guy can get pregnant when he gets plants his seed inside him
Ryuzaki79 Rating
I checked out the first chapter as a sample and was immediately drawn in and purchased all available chapters. Prince Regulus is adorable and his growth around Sora has been a joy to watch. ??
makmaklala Rating
I mean the cover is enough explanation, but if you want more: it's just tentacle porn.There is no show stopping story to it, the art isn't even that great. And I am usually quick to avoid tentacles because it's fucking weird, but somehow this made it….enjoyable? Is that the word I should use? I have no idea. But it's a quick, mindless read if you're wanting some sexy times and that's it ?
MioAkiyama Rating
Tentacle Alien sex and breeding. It sounds crazy but sometimes you just wanna go into the fantasy world of BL where things get all ridiculous without any explanation. If you're looking for a fun read I say you can try it out. It's just super wild and funny at the same time.
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