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Seregil Rating
tl;dr, I found this a good read. But! But!!! To start, I took the synopsis to mean this would be a big romantic thing with things like pining and training camp shenanigans. And sure, there's an element of romance, but this skews more into deep/heavy and dramatic. Warnings for non-con (arguably dub-con, but that line is pretty thin), non-con (straight-up; multiple, between various parties), homophobia, internalized homophobia, some misgendering... May have missed some things, but these are what stuck out during the read. Kind of r*pe-to-love, but not really in that "classic" BL-tropey way that ends lovey-dovey and basically ignoring/negating the r*pe part. Honestly, I'd call the ending 'hopeful' rather than 'happy.'
alienxxi Rating
When I thought when I was reading this was funny and all fluffy but ev erything turned out dark and sad. But happy to see that the couple is doing good in the end! Art is good! I liked it!
pudobudo Rating
I really love this mangakas other works so I was excited to check this one out! This one turned out to be a lot darker than I imagined but I still liked it very much. I think what hurts as the reader is that you see the two leads longing for each other and you're like "yeah can't wait!" but when the critical moment* came you can tell Kurama had internalized his father's homophobia so much that it became painful to read and as the reader you go from excited to upset kinda quickly. But I'm glad there was more development for kurumas relationships with others and himself afterwards for good closure.
Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely loved this story it had a good plot and didn't just rush into everything like some stories do.
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