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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ok this one is good!!! I've caught up with all 4 chapters now and I think I've finally decided that this one is a keeper. Initially I was like oh boy another successful businessman player with his one and done rule and a vulnerable single lady trying to make her dreams into a reality, really? Lol!! But this is seriously good. I like that the fmc is goal oriented and laser focused on her own success but can't help falling for him because he's truly genuinely caring guy. I like that he's finding her more attractive the more he gets to know her as well. It's better than I initially thought. Glad I stuck around. Pretty low in angst but still got that will they won't they anxiety.
hempress Rating
like the first review stated, it is similar to over-cumming writers block, but I find Saya to be a far better female lead (the female lead in ocwb is so incredibly annoying and dumb!) so I'm enjoying this a lot more. kazuhide (the male lead) is a cad but he's not the worst character and comes off a bit realistic to be honest. all in all its a decent series so far and one I'm willing to follow!
loopysheep Rating
It's similar to Over-Cumming Writer's Block, except the FC is very depressed, divorced, and older, and the MC is near the same age. The elements of 'teaching' her about sex are still there - though that makes less sense, given she was married. The art is very beautiful, and the chemistry between them is believable. How he irritates in a major way: this MC goes really far into the idea that she needs a makeover to help her find love again, to the point that he gives her a terrible haircut (he's a hairdresser) and bullies her into buying clothing that frankly does nothing for her figure. The misogyny inherent in his character is not attractive. I'm hopeful that Saya figures out that beauty and confidence come from within, and you cannot buy it or be bullied into it. I hope he learns it too. That would be a decent character arc in the romance.
CieL Rating
Sweet love potrait on a dark life theme. Oh yeah I got it. This manga really show what a life is, not all happy, but not all sad as well. If you're always having a sad moment with your love one, maybe he/she isn't the right mate for you, just like what happened with Saya, the FL on her past. Then you gotta find the right person next, like Kazuhide the ML for your whole love partner, in happy moments or when facing unhappy time together
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