User Reviews For: Facing Your Insecurities [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This felt like I hit the jackpot!!! I love mean mug characters lol!!! And add two in the mix and that they're both super duper self conscious about it and oh so awkward and I just can't even!!!! They totally melted my heart and made me laugh my face off! The side characters were good too, but I wanted to hit that rival for sure. It's super cute but umm seriously hot too!! Love this mangaka and will totally buy anything by them. So good. Fun and sweet and I'll be rereading this again.
Whatever Rating
I love all of Si Mitsuru's work. His art is fantastic and his storylines are always entertaining.
tenieldjo Rating
Adorable. Love this artist's work!
Ashurichan Rating
So cute and fluffy but kind of sad too! Definitely worth a read ><
MioAkiyama Rating
I'm so happy that more of Si Mitsuru sensei's work is being translated. I love all of sensei's books especially Megumi to Tsugumi ! I enjoy all the angry faces and when they get all blushy and shy it adds a whole new level of element. 100% recommend!!
pandaquit Rating
Omgosh this author is such a blessing! If you haven't checked out their other works, you're really missing out, they never disappoint! And this story specially was just perfect! All the characters are very charismatic and the couple is so adorable, they're really too cute!! And this story felt very fresh and original, I've never read anything like this! And it had everything, I'm very happy and satisfied!!!!
Ashleydang Rating
They are literally so chaotic but so cute.(*≧∀≦*) I love characters with small pupils so I enjoyed that both of them had this feature. The dynamics between these two made it so fun to read and it had the perfect amount of smut lol.
Rach31 Rating
I loved it! Sensei has an unique way to make tough guys look sexy. They're just too cute I just wish it was longer
fandomnightmare Rating
Two dudes, two scary faces, one BIG misunderstanding... SI Mitsuru literally never misses. We are undeserving of her greatness, of her characters who have actual chemistry and their buff bodies. All hail SI Mitsuru and her love of scary boys and delinquents.Also, Mishima best boy. Get a friend like Mishima. Be a friend like Mishima. Mishima is bestie goals.
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