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MoonGhost Rating
I havnt written a review before, but I felt the 1 star review wasn't very fair, so…Yes it is a bit sad, but that doesn't mean it's bad, sometimes a lil bit of angst is good for the soul hahaIt moves a little bit quickly and I feel there could've been more to their ending together, which is why I've gone with 4 starsDespite the fast pace they genuinely seem like they're good for each other and will love and care for each other well in the future, so it's sad it's complete already and that we won't be able to see more of them together!It was a cute idea despite the sad bits and was a nice little read in the end
Cram Rating
Happy end is sure, but what a terrible beginning including stockholm syndrome.
funbrillo Rating
It is not a terrible story. Very short and they do get their happy ending. Like most Omegaverse stories we get sexual abuse of the omega (not by MC) throughout each chapter. The fix to the company sexual abuse issue was way too easy and about one page. This place had rampant abuse so hard to believe saying “don't do it anymore” is a fix to it. The MCs were cute together but 3 chapters left little room for real relationship develop. A very hurried story. Good to rent.
ItoRaiser Rating
This is such a sad story. I'm only on book 2. I hope it gets better...
Ladyharmonixer Rating
The story and premise wasn't bad necessarily. It was, however, a little bit too rushed, and I could have done with less "punishment" scenes though I do understand that the story relies heavily on that theme. More scenes and story development between the protagonists and how they dealt with it should have been the priority, I think.
FranklyIled Rating
Honestly, it's way too fast-paced but the substance of the story should be at bare minimum 6 chapters. It's cute a heartwarming.
ambiibambi24 Rating
Very sad but the last chapter is cute. I wish the relationship was more fleshed out making the final payoff better.
NerdGirlDreamer Rating
I really enjoyed this series. The story is a bit short/rushed, but is good nonetheless. The characters are likeable, and (spoiler alert) it has a happy ending.
Cygnus Rating
This is definitely the darker, ugly side of omegaverse society. It is pretty depressing and oppressive, but I'm glad Arata found his fated mate in the end. Short story though.. would be nice to have more chapters or bonus chapters of fluff to get rid of bad taste of that depressive stuff.
jingleclove Rating
There was potential to this one, but it rushed in certain parts that deserved more time and exposition(when the omega coworker saw the truth of the company, end chapter in general, etc.)The art itself is very nice.I felt as if it was due to deadlines and restrictions that ended up making the story sell itself short. An additional chapter showing how much could have changed after their relationship developed would have been nice to make up for all the non-con going on in the main story.
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