User Reviews For: Happy Shitty Life [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This right here is GOLD!!! Harada Sensei always brings her A game and I can't wait for more with Volume 2!! But seriously she takes every and all types of trauma, triggers and sensitive topics and just fn bulldozes right through them!! Turning everything on its head. Leaving you absolutely gobsmacked and reeling. Both leads are the worst but still endearing and funny and I can't help but want them to get their happy (shitty) life! The way they got the title was utter perfection and describes their situation to a T. The art is incredible and adds so much life and dimension to these characters and their story. I'm going to go reread this again rn!!!
kyokobaby Rating
this is quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life, and I absolutely can't wait to re-read. and since no one IRLwants to hear me gush about it at 4 in the morning, here's a useless review instead!
flyhigh10 Rating
Very well written. Can't wait for volume 2
Ashurichan Rating
Hilarious and full of those cringe "secondhand embarrassment" moments in true Harada style! Seriously the title says it all.
Seranwrap99 Rating
To clear up the non-con/consensual tags, the main couple is consensual (and hilarious) but there's a side character who repeatedly non-cons one of the main characters.
legallybling Rating
Harada is a genius and their work never disappoints
Maevalily Rating
Oh my god I just DIED laughing reading these two volumes xD Harada always slays it and I don't ever regret buying her mangas. I really can't wait for the next volume!
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