User Reviews For: The Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride The Rich, the Ruthless and the Really Handsome II


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Nora990 Rating
"beautiful misunderstood love" this is what i describe it ^o^
neha200 Rating
Pretty awesome. The art is lovely and the story has quite a few twists despite the typical harlequin misunderstandings. Overall, I felt it was a pleasant read and totally fell in love with the adorableness that was their child elias. I think it was quite satisfying the way it turned out because there was no deception although I did feel sorry for the other guy who was all ready to take care of her and elias. It was sweet.
Guest Rating
It is a wonderful piece of work. Maribel is too nice or understanding to put up with that horrible family relatives of her. She is the type of person who have low self esteem due to the fact that everyone always comparing her to the beautiful cousin Imogen. As a result, she could not understand how someone like Leonidas could interest in her romantically. In the end she learn to look and view herself positively than before which is nice.
Kurosaki95 Rating
So sweet, I shed a tear!
1ch1me Rating
Maribel Stratton is the cousin of the top model, Imogen Stratton, but Maribel is an unwanted person by her relatives who took her in after her parents died. She is Maribel's favorite cousin. One day, Imogen brought her "boyfriend" to their house where Maribel was staying at. Her "boyfriend", Leonidas Pallis, is a very handsome Greek magnate and he is Maribel's first love. After Imogen died, was Maribel really just a replacement? After 2 years, they meet again, then Leonidas discovered that he has a child. I will leave the story up to that point beacuse it is better if you find out yourself what really happened with their love story! I really love the flow of their love story, and the ending was so sweet that it kind of had me tear up a little. Anyways, I can assure you that this story is really great! Both story and artwork were totally amazing, so I rate it 5 stars! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!
anne23 Rating
Thid story very sweet and romantic even their have a lot misunderstood to each other but the storyline really good and I enjoy to read it.
nohface Rating
all they need to do was talk out the past =] very sweet ending
chicobaby04 Rating
this one is one of those 3 miniseries, i like this one but not my favorite my favorite would be the one with chess anyway its really good story just little sad that she and he didnt come to be together because of misunderstanding but im glad they ended up being together
Weeb4Life Rating
The best I can say is that it's a good manga for those new to Harlequin, but for those like me who've read dozens of 'em it's bland and generic. There are a few twists, but of the 2 biggest ones, one mainly concerns the dead cousin while the other completely destroyed the female lead imo. At first I loved her because she seemed like a strong, intelligent woman who stood up for herself and wouldn't let a man use her, but then it turns out that she's actually spineless and pathetic, willing to be nothing more than an inferior replacement if it meant staying longer with a guy. Definitely NOT a "defiant bride". She spends all of the story (save the excellent flashback scene) going along with the guy's wishes, and the one time she tries to defy him it's just to be kicked around by her family instead. The guy doesn't truly love her, he does a bunch of things ranging from stupid to downright awful, none of which are excusable (not that he tries), but no one calls him out for it, which I hate!
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