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LemonMasochist Rating
I want to read the next volume, the other two volumes are really good and so is the art.
HorseObsessed Rating
Where's the ending? It just stops! It needs to be continued, put an ending on it, a good one on par with the quality of the story.
jokerchoker Rating
If you are into bdsm or rape fantasies this manga series is for you, its so sexy and enticing but not meant for the faint of heart or those who become ill by the thought of no consent.
steffia84 Rating
bring on vol.3
shiseiten Rating
Says it's completed but it just feels unfinished. Maybe the author gave up? Or maybe it really ends on a...plot development?? Shame, this felt like it could go places. Super disappointed and honestly probably not even worth checking out with this uncertainty.
London18 Rating
I kind of regret buying this. I mean how is this finished. This book sort of had potential like the prisoner of nobility but this is far from it. The characters are all over the place especially the president. He's so confusing about his feelings for her. Partway through the third vol you see why he's about of this but doesn't explain why. It was totally ruined.
Lovebug23 Rating
Wow this series is so intense. Keeps me wanting know more. I really hope another volume comes out soon. The prices are worth it. Amazing stories and drawings. Please keep them coming.
Guest Rating
OMG its a great story i hope its still continuing to be updated and can't wait for the next one.
Lily Rating
Thank you I'm so glad this story continues, the artwork is great and the plot is mysterious. Lots to be reveal... more please
Anael Rating
I need more! I want to know more of what's going to happen to Hinako and how Ryohei is going to react after what they did at the end of chapter 2. Update soon. (;´Д`A
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