User Reviews For: The Laws of Affection -Elite Beast X Strong-Willed Woman-


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lovemekyoya Rating
I want more it was getting so interesting and them it just ended where is the next volume
Guest Rating
The story is really good and i'm really curious in what will happen next! can't wait for next chapter
lanling Rating
Wow. Really wish this will be completed. Heroine was amazing and stronger than those I read on here. Great drawing and storyline is funny!
shilyte Rating
This was freaking hot.i hope more chapters will be coming out soon.
Guest Rating
Can't wait for the next one...
snap23 Rating
I like this it's interesting and the girl isn't a complete idiot.
LemonMasochist Rating
I'm waiting for the next volume to come if there's going to be one, because I loved this. The girl slapped the guy this time for trying to rape her. It was a nice change for once because usually the girl just lets it happen.
sakueva Rating
Hahaha I would like to see more of this story! It has both interesting and amusing contents ingrained into this story. Cant wait to read more!
mariais28 Rating
I real like this story I wish that their was more to read I would love to see more of this one
ZebraQueen Rating
I really want to read more. The storyline is pretty unique and the FL isn't a pushover.
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