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1ch1me Rating
This third and last story of the Throne of Judar Series, is just as great as the first two, but these two couple's love story had ups and downs, and one of which was the misunderstanding that happened seven years ago. And that misunderstanding made them separate and "despised?" each other. Could both of them fall in love with each other all over again? What will happen after they have sorted out the misunderstanding seven years ago? If you wanna know the answer to those questions, then you must definitely read this! I can assure you that it was a lovely story from the start till the end! When they're beside each other, their strikingly attractive and look very powerful standing next to each other when they were "dressed in those black attire!" Anyways, I enjoyed reading it and I totally loved the ending! The story was excellent and the artwork was amazing! I rate it 5 stars and I definitely recommend it!
retardedapplejuice Rating
The art is beautiful, that's for sure. As for the story... Well, I thought it seemed interesting at the start. But not even halfway through, it turned out the same as all other harlequin titles - a couple is deeply in love but the most minor setback placed by an insignificant 3rd party breaks their fairytale-like love story. Years later, they meet again - both acting all feisty, despising the other, all the while lusting and yearning for each other. I don't need to write a proper summary for this. If you've read a harlequin title before, you've read them all. What's probably only different with this one is there's no secret baby.In summary, if you want a basic love story to gush over, you may read this.
Rainbowfujoshipanda Rating
It was an okay story - kind of cheesy. Nothing really popped out to me and I felt a hint of regret purchasing it. I think if you like cheesy stories then this is the one for you. :)
Hamsooo Rating
It's the perfect manga!!!awesome plot, awesome drawing!they looked soo dashing and made for each other couple, and when they were standing beside each other it gave me chills...worth every penny and time....!! I totally recommend it to everybody.
Simplicity Rating
I love this artist. Mostly for the eyes. The story is great.
nohface Rating
it was a verry good story with a nice ending =] just a huge misunderstanding, it would have been solved if only they talked it out but who knows maybe even then at that time he might have not believed her
chicobaby04 Rating
i thought this is really cute story, its about kamal and aliyah who supposedly to be couple but because of the lie kamal threw her away and then 7 years later where they are to be married, ali went rebellious, later on kamal found out the information he had 7 years ago that caused him to throw her away was indeed a lie. what is he going to do? is he going to beg aliyah for forgiveness? will they work out the relationship? or is it over for them? curious come and read then
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