User Reviews For: How I Became a Romance Novel Heroine


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ChineseGeekFTW Rating
I was not expecting him to be the one to notice the lingerie when it slipped off! This is an awesome manga to read, I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!!!
windtear Rating
This lovely story is, at its heart, a very sweet romance, which the hot and spicy sex only enhances! It's great fun to read as the two characters come together, deal with their preconceptions, misconceptions and misunderstandings, as their hot sex slowly changes into passionate lovemaking, and they come to realize that their hearts are as involved as their bodies. I strongly recommend this story.
Reliena Rating
I was hopeful with the reviews. Didn't like how the male lead practically slut shames the female mc. Kind of a turn off for me.
JellyBean Rating
The words were very thought out and the graphics, simply amazing. Pulls you in and is actually a realistic enough for a great visual.
Sunagara Rating
Love the heart filling romance! The steamy interplay between the two is ever more thrilling and helps to connect the characters in a more sexually playful and intense way! Glad I read the series!
Carrot Rating
The story starts off kind of off putting in a sense, but if you keep reading it becomes a much better fleshed out story. Overall I really liked the story and I liked how it ended.
Otomeluver Rating
This story was full of surprises! A great romance story and I would be happy to recommend this to anyone. Very cute story...
pokmo532 Rating
Sexy lingerie?! OMG you just have to read it!
Ilaisfid Rating
It's a cute story, however it gives off a bit of a forceful feeling in certain scenes.
1life1love Rating
Oh this is a cute story. Must read. Got me hooked and loved it. The ending was perfect. Loved it.
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