User Reviews For: Married to Twins -Attacked by Handsome Men from in Front and Behind! A New Wife's Mating Battle-


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BoredAsian Rating
A young woman gifted with a body perfect for love and childbearing, finds herself in a very confusing and surprising situation when she finds a man with the same face of her husband in her room on her wedding night with an agenda in mind. This story is exactly this and so read on to see what she does and if she uses her gifts to her advantage to escape or if she succumbs to his will. This manga is recommended to anyone who is interested in menage relationships and in just simple love! I guarantee that you will not regret reading this manga,so what are you waiting for?
BMorgan Rating
Would have gave it more points but it did not end. Did she have a baby for both brothers. Did they work our their difficulty. Could have ended a lot better.
Nonyabiz Rating
Really enjoyable to read. It had the unexpected twist to the story line as well as a sweetness to the married couple that was unexpected but very enjoyable! story was left on a cliffhanger So Please second Volume show up!
Carinasan Rating
Well... idk if that was worth it. The ending is kinda random? Idk why this is rated so high.
Nora990 Rating
love love this manga wish there are more chapters
HorseObsessed Rating
This story is so cute, so adorable, so funny. It's really well done. The artwork is great. ?
Weeb4Life Rating
There was a lot more plot and character development than I was expecting, considering the premise and the short length. All three leads have a very interesting dynamic and the tone was actually quite comedic, so this was a pretty fun read. I like how the three of them interact with each other, both inside and outside the bedroom, and how they all feel like equals in their relationship. Things aren't perfect for them but they care enough about each other to work through any problems that pop up, and they actually get to bond with each other during the story and grow closer. Definitely worth a read!
Raody Rating
Funny and hot.
lovemekyoya Rating
I wish that was me and I could marry twins....I would be in heaven right now
frozen Rating
lol very funny manga i like the story line and how they shaped it to come together so good
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