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LemonMasochist Rating
This is just so awesome...I have no other words for!!!
clreine Rating
Gosh, I love this kind of forbidden love so much. The drawing's so beautiful that I'm about to cry. I read a lots of free smut manga like this, but only a few have beautiful art like this. The story's interesting and attractive (Insect or fake insect genre's my favorite :3). Papa's damn hot and wild ( why can't I be his daughter T.T) Aiko's s cute too, but I'd like to take her spot instead :)). Hope the story will keep up with one per one.... sex ( I love harem, but hate seeing main char has sex with other people than her lover). Wish the chapter could be longer to worth 3 ticket for each :(( Or have sales like Anyway, thank u and hope the story will complete soon ( plz author-chan, can't wait for new chapter)
ShyPinkVag Rating
OHHHHH MYYY GOOODNESS!!! This is SO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTT :3 :3 I KNOW I want to be Papa's daughter more than ANYONE else :3 I'm speaking the truth, Papa is *fans self* SO HOT and he knows how to pleasure a girl's body SO GOOD *perverted pass out* I'm crying tears of sadness, because Aiko's so lucky ~(T.T)~ Papa is a really good person, in bed and out, I hope they get married but I wish it was me getting married to Papa. I really love this cute Author, she knows how to draw cute & smexy faces. (=^_^=) This is one of the best smutty mangas :3 the Author knows what she's doing and she doesn't disappoint, I can't wait to know the ending, this manga gets me so hot that I breathe^^ *hugs Author* I love you & thank you so much for this manga <3 the tickets are worth every chapter and it's perfect the way it is, thank you again^^ <3
Capitulate Rating
Don't let the title put you off of this one. I did for a while, but it's actually a lot better than it sounds. Aiko is a young woman about to graduate from college. She plans a celebratory hot springs trip with her best friend who cancels at the last minute, so her step father decides to accompany her instead. It's on this trip that her relationship with her "Papa" transforms at her insistence. The MC Aiko is really cute, and Masaki ( I think that's "Papa's" name) is really charming albeit somewhat insatiable. If you love sexy megane characters like I do you'll totally dig him. He does seem a bit young to be her step dad. I'm thinking Aiko's mother was around 5-7 years older than him and that he's only around 13-15 years older than Aiko. Anyway, there's also Aiko's kind and handsome ex-boyfriend and Masaki's diligent and cute assistant whose stories are almost as interesting as the main couple's.
canbee Rating
I love the art and the story. It's so beautiful and well written, however, I hope the story doesn't stray too far from the main characters. It feels like since more characters have been introduced the main characters (daughter and father) are being more divided instead of bonding as much as they did. I really want them to be together in the end, but it feels like there has been a romantic shift discouraging me from purchasing the new manga. :p I would rather leave it as an open ended story than have her chose someone other than her father... T_T it would be heartbreaking.
mariais28 Rating
I love this story I can't wait to see the next parts can't wait
heyyyjude Rating
off the scale sexy. so so so sexy. forbidden love -- step dad and step daughter. they face a ton of obstacles during the course of their forbidden love, but they resolve it and move on with a ton of sexy time. to the world, they are father and daughter, and they are trying to keep it that way right now. However, we just met another character that could expose them...can this time be easily resolved so that their sexyyy time can keep going... well I sure hope so ;)
HikaruTanaka Rating
My favorite series without a doubt! I love Nao Tamaki's work! Omg the sexy scenes and the characters are just so enjoyable! I get excited every time there is a chapter and she always leaves me with a cliffhanger! Def worth the tickets each and every time!
morningcoffee Rating
The artwork is incredibly well done and the cast of characters features a diverse set of personalities.
Hiaya123 Rating
This manga is really hot and the artwork is amazing!Oh Papa please be mine! lol
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