User Reviews For: Huh? Room for Rent, Boyfriend Included?!


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fatinemelin12 Rating
this story is very make she and he boyfriend became close to each other from day to should read it.
aoi Rating
The art is pretty and easy to read. It's well laid out and easy to follow.The premise is a bit silly (but hey, it's manga) and the plot simple but I feel that works in its favour really.It's straightforward and goes straight into the meat of the relationship without doddering around. I enjoyed it myself and think it's worth a shot.
neha200 Rating
At first I thought I would like the childhood friend more but I'm slowly falling for the main guy. He kind of reminds me of knight from absolute boyfriend. The unconditional love is so sweet. The art is really nice but I feel like the story is really fast paced (not that I'm complaining). I do hope that there will be moments of jealousy in the future, from both sides. And since I've only read one chapter so far, I'm looking forward to seeing Nagi's heroic side. Hopefully kyouko's character has a more clear transition as she starts to trust him more.
frozen Rating
i cant wait for the next part to come out it looks really good
Risuna Rating
Plot for the sake of plot and very much story driven but overall very amusing and a sweet love story
AmaimonKun Rating
I totally love this I can't wait to read the next one!
LemonMasochist Rating
So funny why is it so funny because the girl doesn't want to have sex with the guy in her house but when a rapist comes to try and rape her said guy comes and saves her and then they end up having sex and live happily ever after : ) please read this.
sakura14 Rating
CUTE this girl has a boyfriend and a apartment. Hope she can juggle it all its not going to be easy but it's a nice read
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