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Guest Rating
the best i lovedddd it im sooo looking forward to more please dont stop at just one volume i hope for more ~ yaoi fan
Stone Rating
That was a good story. There is way more that could have happened story wise. Hope there's more.
Insanebaker Rating
I love it. Please don't stop here. I'm dying to know what happens next. However it's a bit rushed.
LMonster2 Rating
This was a really funny story. Too short though. I wanted to see them develop more and become something.
SakuraDgreat Rating
The story is good. Love between two different world is facinating. I always like dark yet handsome partner of the protagonist. They have the evil aura and at the same time they love and care. However, there are a lot of unfinished plot. Hopefully there are a continuation of this book.
BlockBVillains Rating
Enjoyed reading this! I just wished it continued! Pleas continue this~
zoeyzoeyzoey Rating
Arts great and the story is pretty unique (a bit silly) but unfortunately it felt rushed. No building of intensity, just strangers to ppl having sex in one short chapter. Hopefully more feels develop in the next chapter
changos1234 Rating
I love love loved it
Cyfi Rating
Cute, but way too rushed
3240661211 Rating
Short but super hot! I hope there will be more to come!!
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