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oathbreaker1 Rating
The poor love life of a female Oatku. She is still a virgin and she has no clue what dating and being in a relationship with a man is like. But when she got dumped or tossed away by her male friend online she felt hurt and depressed. Now she is determined that she will have a normal relationship with a man in the real world. Now let the fun times begin and see were the path of love will lead her in the quest for a real boyfriend.
peppermintee Rating
I didn't think I would enjoy this manga as much as I did. When you read this, you realize that the MC inadvertently alienated herself by being an otaku and not putting herself out there more. I really felt for her through every (social) situation she encounter no matter how unpleasant it might have been, and I loved her development throughout the story -- from being so isolated from the people in her office, to blossoming into her own person and not being afraid to put herself out there. I also love how her gradual transformation affected the people around her -- in good ways! In the end I was definitely moved by this story. Highly recommend!
HorseObsessed Rating
This one is pretty cute. I was expecting some smut but there is none. Check it out for yourselves. It's a pleasant surprise.?
Agumon71 Rating
Oh man, my feelings. I really felt for the main character in the beginning and the bs that she had to put up with. Her story is really well told and the plot moves at a brisk pace. Th ending was great, with her realizing more about herself and how she wants to be. While also realizing that there is more to the people around her.
CarmillaKarnstein Rating
Funny and relatable! I really felt for the MC and enjoyed the story even though I usually avoid straight romance manga. I liked that it had realistic-feeling adult characters, but deducting a star because it ended too suddenly. It felt like it was intended to be a longer serialization. One reviewer said it felt rushed but to me it just felt incomplete, like the final chapter was never actually intended to be the last one but the mangaka had to stop for some other reason.
Funkypickle Rating
Oh my gosh. I'm usually on here for the hot sexy scenes but this is just so pure and lovely and relatable!! No sexy scenes here, but it's absolutely worth the price!
kinakina Rating
I really liked the story! The characters have diverse personalities and I like the ending. It might not be everyone's cup of tea though.
morewry Rating
Super good up until the last volume, when it rushed to finish so much that I thought she was having a dream.
SillyAmbie Rating
I love this manga.
Shiichan Rating
Lovely artwork and the plot is quite relatable! For me, Sako is a little bit too pretty to be inexperienced otaku though.
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