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oathbreaker1 Rating
The poor love life of a female Oatku. She is still a virgin and she has no clue what dating and being in a relationship with a man is like. But when she got dumped or tossed away by her male friend online she felt hurt and depressed. Now she is determined that she will have a normal relationship with a man in the real world. Now let the fun times begin and see were the path of love will lead her in the quest for a real boyfriend.
peppermintee Rating
I didn't think I would enjoy this manga as much as I did. When you read this, you realize that the MC inadvertently alienated herself by being an otaku and not putting herself out there more. I really felt for her through every (social) situation she encounter no matter how unpleasant it might have been, and I loved her development throughout the story -- from being so isolated from the people in her office, to blossoming into her own person and not being afraid to put herself out there. I also love how her gradual transformation affected the people around her -- in good ways! In the end I was definitely moved by this story. Highly recommend!
morewry Rating
Super good up until the last volume, when it rushed to finish so much that I thought she was having a dream.
SillyAmbie Rating
I love this manga.
Shiichan Rating
Lovely artwork and the plot is quite relatable! For me, Sako is a little bit too pretty to be inexperienced otaku though.
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