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zoeyzoeyzoey Rating
Way to rushed. 3 stars is pushing it but giving 2 stars seems to be to harsh. It's cute in it's way but just to much to fast. Even the sex scene was rushed
MissMaus Rating
I live for scenes with Grandma. Seriously. A funny little story with some stabbing and some sexiness. Plot doesn't run too deep but I enjoyed it regardless.
Guest Rating
very good but it feels unfinished
Mnky3 Rating
Wonderful and fast paced felt like a got a more for the price since it was more expensive than most. Wonderful story great characters!
franna Rating
Chapter 1 was straight up sexy and hilarious. The contradiction between the job of mafia boss and personality are so funny. The naive innocence of the lead...who is nothing short of an adorable. It's a bit instalove on the seme side so if you don't like that avoid this but I think its straight up adorable.
Downey978 Rating
I enjoy this story so much, they are an adorable couple!Love how they first met, the way it's progressing from then 'till recent chapters is a little rushed but still enjoyable.Love everything about them, side/extra characters, grandma and the story, cute!!
Com1cRel1ef Rating
This was just so sweet. The pacing went a little fast, but since it involved a not-so-hard-core yakuza being almost instantly smitten with a guy he found in a trunk and took home to feed, it was kinda perfectly adorable. The parts that were supposed to worry me definitely made me worried for the characters, but aside from that, it was like biting into fresh cotton candy: fluffy, warm, and sweet. I look forward to reading the others. :)
salikaserrano Rating
i love this story so cute! but i want to know more about yuzuki and kijima! the anticipation is killing me!
dfp07 Rating
I personally always love the yakuza theme so I am really enjoying this story. Ryuuji's gap between yakuza boss and master chef who cares about his family is very heart warming. I wish that the actual relationship between Haruki and Ryuuji developed a little more before they got together though considering how the story started off with them meeting. The side couple's relationship seems to be developing a lot slower and they already knew each other.
ebookrenta0pjfuc48v Rating
I like it