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bemeya Rating
Excellent art and stories as always in Yuuki Hinase's books. It has three funny stories. The first one is the main story of the cover. The second one is about a girl who thinks that her boyfriend is cheating on her. In the third the female lead realizes that she's in love with her childhood friend when he has to go abroad. Worth reading! Five stars.
CieL Rating
Collections of 3 stories (and 1 additional story from d 1st chapter). And I love it!!! So happy that I purchase it. Will reread it again a lot soon. The small boobs being rubbed before doing H stuff (it feels like my future situation, one day.. Maybe? x'D).Actually the small boobs girls is only on the first story IMO, the other 2 and additional 1 story FMC hv a normal size boobs. My fave is the 2nd story, I guess I'm really into a hot smoking dude~ Gosh, I want a guy like one of these MMC guys.. Gimme one, or a few guys~
theakaneko Rating
All the couple's in the stories in this book are so adorable. Such sweet and cute <3 loved them all
Risuna Rating
It was an enjoyable read with some funny moments as well as heartfelt moments.
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