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YokaiAkito Rating
This is such a cute and heart-warming manga! The characters are very expressive, and the art-style is playful. I highly recommend this manga for someone wanting something on the cuter, more pure-hearted side of BL! This manga also contains a few extra stories at the end of the volume!
SaraN Rating
This was pure funny and adorable fluff. I wish we could have seen the stories more completed, but they were still lighthearted fun. And FYI, if you're looking for smexy times, look elsewhere. Just kissing here.
biggestrebel Rating
Ummm, how freaking cute????? All the stories were so cute! I'm like ??? I have no words! The characters were so endearing and their relationships were all so cute wwwwwww I would love to read more from this sensei!!!! Their style is so unique but still really attractive!!!! I definitely recommend!!!!
funbrillo Rating
I love anything by this author. So sweet and fluffy. The stories feel so purifying to the soul. Don't expect smut in these stories but they are super cute and sweet. I just love them.
FuHero Rating
Very cute slice of life manga ? I honestly though the main characters friend was going to get a side story but nope he really was straight... straight, imagine that... Good solid shounen ai about teenagers with some added aide stories mostly about teenagers as well. Very pure love.
pandaquit Rating
It's a bit weird in the beginning but soon the story gets very funny and just adorable! The short extras in the end of the book were quite random and very cute and funny as well. I just love this author's art style and sense of humor. If you're looking for something light and fun to relax, this is your book!
ebookrenta0ztfdw23u Rating
Super cute!! So sweet, I love it.
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