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Memily Rating
This is so much fun! It's plenty dirty, and all the love interests are appealing in their own way. Even though it's pretty obvious who she'll end up with ("Prince" is in the title, for goodness' sake!) each of the four characters has such a different dynamic with her that I'd gladly read four variations on this series just to see how each romance played out. Only episodes 1-5 are available so far, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the rest! (7/19/15)
Bookworm Rating
Wow! I did not expect for this series to be really good. With multiple guys actually falling in love with one girl and all they care about is her pleasure, what more can you ask for?! At first I didn't really think the art was that good, but the more I read on, the more I realize that the way the artist draw her guys is not so bad and they actually appear very hot. I also found the girl's expressions to be very cute. And I do agree with the other review that, even though you already know who she's going to end up with, you can't help but also fall in love with her interactions with the other characters. Totally recommended not just for the story, but mostly for the PLENTY erotic sexual scenes and ESP. the romance.
Kitsuneflames Rating
A naughty version of fairy tales and I love it! I thought it would end sooner but it keeps going and I'm glad it does. It has an interesting story and art style. I reread and recommend it. I always look forward to the next one.
cindeecaramel Rating
If you're looking for good art with an above average storyline this is the way to go. The plot line is interesting enough for a manga like this, stereotypical romance between the hero and heroine but the intimacy scenes more than make up for it. The art is great and I enjoy the fact that theres also like 4 other rivals besides the prince. Good art and very enjoyable scenes this definitely places high on my list of mangas I've read on this site.
HikaruTanaka Rating
One of my first manga I picked up here and boy it didn't disappoint! I enjoyed the story and the sexy scenes and will reread it over and over again! What more do you need when you got fairy tales, 5 hot guys and a crazy fairy that totally isn't helping lol?
Charlie Rating
Good artwork, but the flow of the story didn't really sit well with me personally... It felt too rushed, and rather hard to get into the story as a whole.
Tinkerbaby93 Rating
Is there going to be another chapter? I was getting into the story I need to know what happened next.
LoveComic101 Rating
The story is amazing with a combination of most fairy tales, the heroine are involve with the prince, the hunter, the werewolf and the wizard in the fairy tales and they all looks like her colleagues in the real world. The story is exciting with a spice of fairy tale themes and heated relationship.
Poisonpink Rating
This fairytale story is really erotic, there are prince, hunter, Mr wolf and Mr witch inside the story...they do a lot of erotic things towards Arisu and she seem to enjoy it...It's interesting to see a different type of fairytale story in adult version =)
mariais28 Rating
I love this story I can't wait to see the rest I'm so excited
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