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Chea Rating
This shoujo manga is really good and so far, a little naughty. You have a highly attractive teenage boy, who is a professional model, who forces his childhood (girl) friend Hatoko to do a professional girlfriend shoot with him but no one told her she has to get nude. Subaru has a tsundere personality when it comes to how he treats people, including how he treats Hatoko and because of that, Hatoko is tired of being treated like a slave to her friend and wants to find her own boyfriend. You know Suburu is NOT having that!!! LOL....He wants her for his self. If you want to see how this story develops, you gotta read it. It's a full color manga and for me, definitely worth the tickets. : )
LadyRosenkreuz Rating
OMG!! I was reading this in coolmic, but I couldn't wait anymore. THANK GOD I found this website! I will probably go back to coolmic for the previous chapters of this, and for other mangas that aren't here.Anyways, I really loved this manga! I read this over and over again. It's short, but gosh, I love the characters! I love how it throws you a curve ball. You thought something will happen because you have seen it so many times in movies and tv. THANK THE MAKER it didn't follow that formula. Otherwise, this would have turned into a very cliche manga very fast.THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm so glad I finally finished the manga!! YAY!!
ChattyK2125 Rating
I loved the ending. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but let's just say everything happened at exactly the right time! I love a good Shoo ending!
1life1love Rating
Ok. I hate this manga. Making me wait so long for the next manga and it's too short. Come on. Don't make a girl like me suffer. Ugh. Lol it's not nice. The 6th manga got me on my edge. What are you doing. I know it was your plan but come on. I'm being tortured over here :( lol not funny. Hahaha Btw I don't hate the manga. I'm in love with it to the point where I will go crazy if I don't finish it. And it's driving me nuts. Lol
Strick Rating
Cute story, good art, appealing characters....only thing I didn't like was the lack of more "adult" content to make it more interesting and romantic. Otherwise, I give it 4 stars, likely my favorite nonsmut story!
GabiChantel2003 Rating
This manga book is great. It's in colour and it's funny. But what I didn't like was that you has to pay in US Dollars. I live in England not America. I don't even use American money.
skipbeatanime041 Rating
This manga was beautifully drawn! The relationship between the two main leads are cute as they are childhood friends. It started off really well but the ending was a tad disappointing. But overall it was an enjoyable read and would definitely reread it again!
Aquatic9 Rating
I'll be real here - when I read the first couple of volumes, I thought that Subaru Sarashina was my anti-type, the kind of guy who absolutely gets on my nerves. Yet, the story was written well and the way he treats Hato is so cute and lovely that I fell for this work years after first dropping it. I definitely recommend this work for the art (in color!), how cute Hato is, and for the humor in the story.
Andromeda Rating
Love this story, the art is gorgeous, beautiful in colour. Relatable, fun, sexy and interesting characters. Hot!
smh1611 Rating
I thought it was super cute and worth reading