User Reviews For: I'll Get the Key to Your Heart!


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shaniblue Rating
Loved how their relationship build up slowly and how adorable they were to each other.
inficio Rating
Their relationship progresses in a very natural way, and Suzuki is just too adorable!
hloo12 Rating
I really love the story and the character but the only one thing that I didn't like is him being his sister x
funbrillo Rating
This is a cute story and a slow build. Not a lot of smutty scenes but it seemed fine without that much. They built the relationship first from friendship to more. I just rented it and didn't feel the need to read it again but it was worth the rental and enjoyable.
kittylover3 Rating
So good, and definitely worth reading! :9
Elysiavanari Rating
This one is a lot less sexual than most that I have read, but it's super cute and you get a nice hot scene at the end :)
saharadragoon Rating
Very cute story. Shorter than I'd have liked but there is decent character development. The relationship between Suzuki and Shiga is absolutely adorable. It's definitely worth a read.
HorseObsessed Rating
There is only one sex scene, it's not a long one, not very smutty. So if you're looking for smut there isn't any here. It's a great story, it starts with their first meeting & continues to "present day"? Anyway, the story is very well fleshed out. I like this story alot. :()
Kazz Rating
I love this!! I need more of this!
mitalicyrus Rating
It has a very nice build up.
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