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Bookworm Rating
The story has an ok concept and really good art and a different take on the female lead. She's not your usual shy, virginal girl. She actually has some "spunk" in her as she is very straightforward and blunt with her feelings. But I guess the only thing that I didn't really like is the fact that she's a prostitute or, more specifically, the fact that they actually show her having sex with some ugly older guy. That is one aspect that really turns me off but I guess it'll become "better" once you pass that. This is just a warning to those who shares the same pet-peeve as me so you won't regret using up your ticket.
ColdFlame Rating
This is a good start to the series, the basics of the plot have been laid out nicely. You find out from the start that the MC has no money and has to sell her body out to get money to pay her debts. Then she meets her old servant, who is now rich. The actual description that is given isn't really that relevant to the first chapter, I think it's more about what's to come after it. Also even though it is nicely paced so far, I think 3 tickets is a bit much for unlimited, as it is only 26pages...But all together I think it is a good read and I would recommend it. I can't wait for more chapters to be released and to see what happens between Mio and Masaomi!
ShyPinkVag Rating
I looooooooooooooooooove this Author, she really knows how to make smutty manga, I would looove to squirt (I have, especially to Staying up with Papa manga, I love Papa<3) like all the females in her manga, every one of her mangas are getting 5 stars from me :3 :3 they are all hot and smexy, it gets your panties wet quick. At least for me it does^^ her art style is gorgeous and beyond beautiful. The artist/author knows how to please, with artwork and story. (=^_^=) until next time author-chan nya~
Flayingrose Rating
I must say that I really liked this story!If your into D/L dynamics (he's sort of like a daddy dom :0) then this is great...Also, she screws an older guy once, and hes not even that old and ugly, (but someone gave it two stars for that??) oh well I feel it sort of further let us know who the character was by her choice of guy,Also, if you find the humor in things than you might find this a little funny, and also I love how real the dialogue gets when the protagonist reveals her job, and the characters have their own little quirks to them that are hilarious when they are acting out the scenes;p Idk, I highly recommend, one of my favorites on renta now !
littlebuddhagirl Rating
when is the next chapter going to be released????!!!!
Kclyaine Rating
The plot sucks. The concept was indeed interesting but the author wasn't able to use that concept to its full capabilities. This story lacks conflict or thrill, and always focuses on the sex scene. Its also a bit fast paced. But the art was good, could been better if they took out the censor. I could think alot of possible plots and outcomes for this story and make this a dark psychological smut but that would be too much drama and I think the author wants to avoid that.
cee2spook Rating
I really enjoyed this story, waiting on the next chapter to come out, I like it, 5 stars!!!
Monique Rating
Male lead spiked her food after taking her to his home and then chained her.And maybe it's just me but he's real ugly as well.Wish I hadn't spent any points on this
Visitor012241 Rating
Good story. Faithful guy. Girl is a prostitute so unfortunately there are scenes with her and other people however once they are official she is faithful too.
Yahiko03 Rating
Save your dollars. Not worth it.
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