User Reviews For: I'll Never Say "I Love You"


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ChikaneNoMiko07 Rating
This story has such a good beginning, poor Kana is acting like he's over caring about Mamoru since he said those hurtful things to him but Mamoru has finally realized he cares for Kana and just can't get through to him (and doesn't know how). This story is far from over, and I can't wait for more to finally come out! The art is absolutely beautiful, I love it. The emotions in this manga are just so real, and you really feel in tune with how each of them feel, how each of them are struggling to figure out what to do. The only downside are that the chapters are so short! (20-30 pages!) I do so hope that they update this soon! Definitely worth the read =)
doctorsimon4 Rating
It is good... butas mentioned by the other person who reviewed this, the chapters start at 35 pages and then slowly get smaller and smaller to the latest book which had only 28 pages in. However the cost reflects this (1 usd per book). The story is nice.. it is just a shame that it is so small.
Bayoutachi Rating
it's kinda good, it has the bittersweet scene and the characters past were explained well. The author did a great job, I salute! The mother is understanding (a plus point) tho. Rather than get tagged with yaoi, it should be tagged in shounen ai section, there's no NSFW scene at all in the manga. If it's within recommendation or not, I'll settle with 50-50, the story itself were slow paced at first (from ch 1-3 you even can cut it on half and skip 1 chapter it won't make any difference about the end), not many conflict arise, mostly miscommunication issues tho lol
SarcasticIrony Rating
Cute and sweet, but not what I was expecting. Feel a like the characters weren't fleshed out enough, to be honest. Good-ish story, no smut, but sweet nonetheless.
themaskedgirl1 Rating
I love this so much, it made me laugh, it made me squeal and made me cry. It made me go through such an unforgettable experience and I would go through it again anytime! Not the mention the art is so nice too
SateneSpawn Rating
I read the first book. And I really like this series already. However I can't buy anything. I was wondering if there were physical copies of this, or if it was on a different website. So far 5/5 when it comes to EVERYTHING in the book. I love the characters, the art style, the body language of the character, and the couples! It's so good.
Tintinabule Rating
It's sweet and heartfelt. A good read about childhood love and a misunderstanding. Wonder why it's rated 18+ though, since there is no sex scene at all.
Bunny777 Rating
Soooooo sweet, great story telling, lovely art, no funny business. Totes worth the read!
Sekith Rating
Sweet, wholesome and hits the feels
anlu1806 Rating
It's a great book love the development of the story and characters. Cute and funny one of the best books I have read. Highly recommend.