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ChikaneNoMiko07 Rating
This story is absolutely sweet but terrifyingly real in emotion. I feel for Yuzuru because I used to be exactly like him, not letting anyone get into my heart. This is a story about Yuzuru coming to terms with the fact he loves Asahi, when he's always been putting people at arms length away. It's an important lesson. You don't know know what you've got till it's gone. This is a fantastic read, and the sex is super good even though it's not extremely detailed. It leaves you filling out the rest with your imagination. Most definitely worth the read.
SachiTan Rating
This first chapter is really cool, totally unexpected with the seme to uke relationship tbh but love it so far. Total cliff hanger ending and I can not wait for the next part.
MioAkiyama Rating
slow burn and really cute leads. a tug of war between the feelings they have for each other, and an unfinished misunderstanding that stirs the pot even more. Totally loveable!
Bunny777 Rating
Cute, consensual, and a tad chaotic. The story is pretty short and there's very little character development, but you want to root for the couple anyway. Worth the read, I just wish there was a rent instead of buy option…
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Classic popular guy and nerd. It was cute, but I don't like the nerd much. His character kind of pissed me off, but I guess that is what he was supposed to be like. It is awesome that it is the popular guy chasing the nerd though.
Mia Rating
Loved this story, it was so sweet but it still felt real with all the emotional turmoil. Highly recommended!!!
changos1234 Rating
i really love love this story a total cliffhanger. cant wait for next chapter..
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