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The Topaz Is a Labyrinth of Love Comic

AuthorMiwa Sakai

Esther was trapped in a hotel by her perverted boss, but Dylan, a jeweler who travels around the world, saved her. However, when they reunited, she learned that he was actually extremely arrogant!



Kidnapped For The Tycoon's Baby Comic


After spending a night with playboy billionaire Ramsay against her better judgment, Nola is overwhelmed with regret and runs away from him. Three months later, she finds out she's pregnant and is resolved to raising the child on her own. However, Ramsay finds out and takes Nola to his mansion in a fit of rage. "Marry me," he demands, the proposal coming out like an order. In retaliation against his selfish and arrogant attitude, Nola vehemently refuses. But Ramsay is determined they marry...


Chapter 1 FREE

My Secret with the Girl Next Door (Current ch. 16) Comic Hot Popular


"Let me touch you more..." Miku, who suffers from a fear of men, finds a cute cafe close to the new apartment she just moved to. The manager is super-beautiful and, for some reason, takes a liking to Miku and asks, "Why don't you work here?" By sheer coincidence, they're even next-door neighbors. Miku starts opening her heart to this kind and cheerful woman... Wait... Man!?


Me, My Boss, and Our Master/Servant Relationship Comic

PublisherJunet Co.,LTD

Taiga's a young employee who gets wasted one night while drinking with colleagues. He runs into his boss Sakaki in the restroom, who won't stop staring at his member. Sakaki even goes as far as to ask if that's normal size. Trouble ensues after he drags Taiga into a stall and takes off his pants!

"Sugar and Milk"
Taro Tanaka's an average Joe who asks out Kanade, the cute waitress at a cafe he often visits. On their first date, she invites him to a motel!? As Taro's losing his mind in bed, Kanade lifts her skirt to reveal something incredibly unexpected!!
Two stories included, one featuring an aggressive bottom and the other a cross-dressing top!!


Unexpected Attraction [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic Hot Popular


Kiumi is a college student who's famous for being open about his orientation and an active top. Shizume, who's in the closet and the same class as Kiumi, doesn't like how open Kiumi is about his adventures. One night, Shizume saves Kiumi, who almost gets tricked into becoming a male companion, by taking him to his room to hide. Except, Kiumi gets the wrong idea and thinks Shizume is looking for a one night stand! He comes on to Shizume, only to find out that Shizume is also a top, and a way more sadistic one.


Bound By The Billionaire's Vows Comic


Skye took off her diamond wedding ring. Her marriage to Italian millionaire Matteo ended when she learned that he had never really loved her, even though he had been the one to pursue her. Matteo accepted her request for a divorce without argument. I knew he didn't love me...but at least I was able to keep it secret from him. Just when she thought her worries were behind her, Skye collapsed and was taken to the hospital. By the time she regained consciousness, Matteo had already found out about her pregnancy. Angry that she had asked for a divorce knowing she was having his baby, he tore up the divorce papers!



The Beastly Young Boss Next Door [Total ch. 14] Completed Comic

After Kanoko meets Sosuke at a bar, they share a tender night together... only to meet again at work the next day! Sosuke turns out to be the boss of a rival company that shares a floor with Kanoko's in the same office building. To make things worse, he tells Kanoko that he's liked her for a while... She turns him down, saying she can't date someone from a rival company, but when his fingers and tongue start to wander, she doesn't have the strength to refuse! It feels so good, she's about to lose her mind...!


Wedding Dress for Angel Comic


Marion is staying at a covent to protect herself. One day, she's asked to be a replacement model for a photo shoot for a wedding dress. She gets bewildered for the sudden request, but she gets closer to a famous designer, Alessio, as they spend more time together. But their secrets lead to a new problem...!?



The Cop And The Chorus Girl Comic


"From this moment, you are my knight!" says an insanely gorgeous yet wild-looking bride with a gun pointed at Flynn. When he looks closely, he recognizes her as the one and only Dixie Davis, also known as the Texas Tornado and the world's sexiest woman. Suddenly, Flynn finds himself agreeing to be her personal bodyguard in order to protect her from a notorious gang boss who is infatuated with her. Though he is hesitant at first, he soon comes to see the many adorable facets of the mysterious Dixie Davis and cannot keep his eyes off her! I don't want to let you go, my Texas Tornado!



Princess Dottie Comic


Dorothea was living an ordinary life in England before Randolph, crown prince of the kingdom of Elluria, suddenly approached her. Before she knew it, she was swept off more like kidnapped to a magnificent palace. Now she has to face a shocking truth: she is the heir to the throne of this kingdom! As she plays the role of princess amid her confusion, she is pulled into a struggle for the crown...



The Seduction of an Arrogant Sheikh Comic


Serenity, a journalist, witnesses smuggling at a dinner party she infiltrated for a scoop on the black market. Sheikh Djibril saves her from getting attacked! However, he orders her to give herself to him if she values her life. He takes her to his palace and Serenity isn't able to resist his sweet seduction. However, the palace gets caught up in a conspiracy plot! This is a dangerous yet hot romance!



The Princess's Sweet Seduction Comic


Eleanor, the princess of the Principality of Ionia, commissions Eugene, a talented artist, to restore Ionia's national treasure, "The Young Virgin." Despite his cold refusal, Eleanor continues to negotiate. Eventually, Eugene agrees under one condition: The princess has to let him paint a nude portrait of her.



How a Good Boss Comforts His Staff [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

AuthorMaro Irihi

"I can't concentrate because my boss's body is too nice...!"
Aizumi is a reliable and excellent employee who can skillfully do all kinds of work thrown at him. But,he has two worries. One is that being too sociable and good at his job tends to make him an easy target for people to push work onto,and the other is that he is constantly bombarded by the thoughts of Tojo's (his boss's) body...! The alluring,manly body combined with Tojo's constant touchy-feely manner edges Aizumi's brimming desires close to explosion. One day,the two happen to do overtime and decide to have drinks at Aizumi's after. Using the power of alcohol,Aizumi acts out his desires on Tojo's chest! "Sorry... but I can't hold back anymore...!" It's a love story between a cute and handsome employee and his hot,hunky boss!


Only I Know My Tutor's Naughty Side. Comic


She doesn't have a boyfriend, she hates studying, and she thinks school is a drag. Such is the humdrum of Yuki's everyday life. ...That is, until her grades fall so low, her mother enlists the help of a home tutor. "Whoa! Hold on a sec.... Nobody told me he'd be THIS hot!!" Totally ignoring her studies, Yuki immediately falls in love with her tutor and is left aghast when he suddenly tells her "I'll be your boyfriend." Talk about lucky!! Yuki's feelings for her tutor grow stronger with each steamy "lesson", but for some reason, he insists on a fixed dating period from the get go... Now, her childhood friend who she's always loved, is suddenly interfering, and telling her to only have eyes for him! Being stuck between two hotties isn't easy, but what's a girl to do?


Hungry for You [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

Yagi gets home from work, only to find his next-door neighbor Aonuma lying on the ground in front of his apartment. Yagi brings him in to feed him since Aonuma apparently fainted from hunger, but when he gives him the porridge he made, Aonuma barely reacts... Yagi is perplexed when Aonuma suddenly kisses him... as well as does other naughty things!!


Hypnotic Love -You'll Come to Want Me- [Total ch. 10] Completed Comic


Riku gets his hands on a mysterious application called "Hypnotic Ecstasy Controller", and uses it to make his beloved teacher, Mr. Takahashi, do his bidding. Little does he know that he'll get quite a bit more than he bargained for. There is a limit to how many times the hypnotic properties can be used, but Riku can't stop himself from hypnotizing Mr. Takahashi into doing embarrassing things to him, over and over. What will happen if the mechanism breaks!?


Her Desert Dream Trading Places Comic


Wanting to avoid the paparazzi, a famous marquess pays Lydia, her lookalike, to switch places with her. Lydia excitedly prepares to set off for a vacation to the Middle East in the marquess's place. But right as she's about to leave, she learns that Khalil, a desert prince, will be her escort during the vacation. Will she be able to hide who she really is from this gorgeous and intense man?



Rock Your World! [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic Popular

Hinata's been in love with Hakuba since he was little and they used to perform together... now that they're both grown up though, Hinata is part of the "bad boy" boy band who?for marketing purposes?hates the pop duo Hakuba is in. Hinata's tried to hide his true feelings for Hakuba, but his group leader Takaomi sees right through him. Trying to help Hinata get it together on stage, Takaomi kisses him in front of all their fans during the live battle of the bands!
Read on to see the adorable Hinata try to resist a true bad boy!


Author Ryusei Kaji's Unreasonable Love Comic

The aggressive Ryusei Kaji is a popular novelist. Midori Kobayakawa is his serious and timid editor who was forced into a relationship with him...
The third book in the series about the constantly anxious editor who's loved by the passionate writer!

Includes the special story "Editor Midori Kobayakawa's Unreasonable Drunken Love."


The Prince and the Enchanted Forest Comic


For Bianca, princess of the Principality of Glanzberg, the discussion of marriage is very sudden. Not to mention, it's an arranged marriage with the neighboring kingdom's prince, Theodor. But while Bianca has had feelings for Theodor ever since they were little, when she finds out he does not want to part in a loveless marriage, she suggests they enter into a fake engagement. Will the honeymoon start while these two are still playing hide-and-seek with their feelings...?


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