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My Alter-Ego is a Gangster! [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic


A mopey gangster who's as loyal as he is violent and a top-dog delinquent who's a glutton for pleasure! These testosterone-filled teenagers are up to no good, in more ways than one!

Wimpy crybaby Taichi goes to a school full of delinquents, but for some reason, all the bad kids in school think he's their leader!
There's a secret only Taichi doesn't know... the fact that he has an alter-ego who's a ruthless delinquent! And, little does Taichi know, he sometimes regresses to a child-like state. He doesn't even know what touching himself is, despite his body being in the throes of puberty...

Mitsuru Gunji, leader of a rival school's gang, takes interest in Taichi and starts initiating him into the ways of pleasure. After melting in Mitsuru's arms after his first time (mentally speaking), Taichi starts begging for more!


I'll Be the Wife of a Sumo Wrestler [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 2) NEW Comic

His warm tongue makes its way through my lips and entwines with mine in an aggressive and passionate kiss... I don't know if sumo wrestling's the new trend or what, but I like soccer when it comes to sports and stylish businessmen in suits when it comes to men! There's no way I'll be forced into marrying a sumo wrestler I just met yesterday! Exciting days under the same roof with a handsome, pushy, and devoted sumo wrestler have just begun...!


The Detective Who Hopes for True Love [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic

AuthorLinda Sumi

Naho's a single woman in her 30's with a past.
She spends her days fighting off carnal urges.
One morning, Detective Tsubasa Natsunaki visits her apartment asking for information on his case.
Tsubasa's a gallant, handsome, loyal young man.
Naho gets it into her head that just one time would be enough, and boldly asks Tsubasa for a favor.
They've spent a night of passion together, but now what...? This is the unpredictable love story between a man who's pure of heart and a slightly empty-headed woman!


A Sexy Massage While The Hubby's Away - My masseur's making me come with his thick fingers...! (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic


"Stroking my wet pussy... and fondling my breasts at the same time... Oh God, it feels so good...!!" It's been a few years since Izumi got married, and this housewife has started to worry about her weight. Her old clothes no longer fit, and with her husband's increasing quips about her body, Izumi decides to visit a beauty salon to spruce herself up and catch her husband's attention again. However, the essential beauty treatment turns out to be much more risque than she expected... "Oh no... if he carries on like this I'm gonna come...!?" The masseur's rugged fingers focus on her sweet spot, making Izumi hot. As he matches her energy, things start to escalate...!?

Ch. 1 FREE

If Your Fingers Could Get Me Off [Total ch. 5] Completed NEW Comic


Tomohiro works at an advertising agency. He goes to a prostate massage shop a co-worker recommends to relax his tired body after all his hard work. When he gets on the bed blindfolded full of excitement and anticipation... the masseuse turns about to be a guy! At first, Tomohiro refuses, but after tasting the comfort the guy's large hands can produce, he bows to his every whim in front and behind. But, this "masseuse" is actually... someone Tomohiro knows very well...!
This is the start of a dramatic love story between rivals that begins with some body touching!

Ch. 1 FREE

I Wanna Love You, Kiss You, Bite You [Total ch. 6] Completed NEW Comic

Akihiro, an omega, has suddenly been landed with a fiance! The whole thing was arranged by their parents, so when he's told this guy is going to be his husband, it's all too much to process... But, when he meets his betrothed, Reiya, his terror toward the alpha begins to change into... something else. He wants to do all kinds of naughty things with his beloved Reiya, but he's still in school, and he's worried that any prohibited activities might result in a baby... His mind is now a battlefield between hope and reason! Meanwhile, Reiya, who once found Akihiro timid and boring, finds his curiosity has been piqued. Now, he's fallen hook, line, and sinker. He's ready to go at any time!

Ch. 1 25% OFF

Daydream Paradise Confusion -The King and I- (Current ch. 17) NEW Comic Popular


Mei Hino is a geek who draws fan comics about her favorite dating simulation game (which revolves around King and the multiple guys who fall in love with him). After having trouble with her rent, Mei has to start living with a stranger called Seiji... who looks exactly like King from the game!! Seiji tells Mei not to fall in love with him, and she responds by saying she doesn't find him attractive at all (because she's not interested in real men). This hurts Seiji's pride, and he sets out to prove he's still desirable to women... Will the geek girl get her king!?


The Kawai Complex Guide To Manors And Hostel Behavior (Current ch. 61) NEW Comic


Usa's started living on his own after his parents moved away for work. When he shows up at his new place, he's stuck with an eccentric old lady and a perverted roommate. Just as he's about to leave, the girl he likes, Ritsu, shows up...! This is a comedy about the throes of youth that's 30% romance and 70% comedy!


The Beauty is a Beast!? -An Uptown Guy and a Downtroden Girl- (Current ch. 33) NEW Comic Popular


Marie's life is nothing but work, and it's been way too long since her last love affair. In fact, it's so long that she might've forgotten how to even start one. Slowly, her miserable days pass by. Her only joy is going to a beauty salon, where she is captivated by the amazing technique of that salon's leading employee, Shinobu. One day, when she's heading to a meeting, she meets Shinomiya, the son of the owner of a large corporation. But, he looks exactly like Shinobu, the lady at the beauty salon! And to top it off, when Marie loses her balance and is about to fall over, Shinomiya catches her and touches her weak spot that only Shinobu knows about!

Ch. 1 FREE

Held in the Arms of a Fabulous Star -The Sweet Seduction of a Box Office Star- (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic

AuthorReiji Ito

It's a bygone period in Tokyo where modern-minded men and women stroll the streets showing off the latest styles. Junko is selling tickets at her father's theater when a man wearing thick glasses, his hair disheveled, appears in front of her. He clearly looks suspicious... but turns out to be Akira Nishiki, a major star in the theatrical world. Junko thinks he's despicable, but the night after seeing him perform a passionate love scene, she dreams about him... getting physical with her...!!
A playboy actor whose popularity is soaring and the daughter of a shabby theater owner, both clumsy, are in for the start of a retro romance...


Forms Of Love NEW Comic


"When his wife, Kendra, called to see him for the first time in two years, Dan's heart fluttered with joy; he wanted to get over the painful events of three years ago and start over. But as Dan rushed to the meeting place, he saw Kendra lying in cardiopulmonary arrest at the scene of the accident. As Dan ran over to her, to his surprise, she suddenly opened her eyes and said, ""I'm Kendra's messenger."" At the time, he didn't have time to think about her words that didn't make any sense, but Dan's doubts only increased when he saw how she acted afterwards...



Feel Free to Tie Me Up [Total ch. 6] Completed NEW Comic


Kenji lives alone in his apartment and never goes outside. His only joy is meeting Julio, the guy from the delivery supermarket. Julio has a cute face, and he's always kind and upbeat, so Kenji fantasizes in private. But, one day, when Julio comes over after hours to rectify his delivery mistake, Kenji makes an "indecent proposal" in the heat of the moment. Love, life, it's all over... or so Kenji thought, until Julio agrees with anticipation. Not only that-Julio then calls Kenji "master," and sweetly indulges his secret desires! A stay-at-home depressive meets a bright and chipper boy.


The Impatient Heir (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic

Takao, the manager of a long-established inn, is approached by the landlady one day with a request: to train the inn's heir, Chiaki. Once an angelic little boy, Chiaki has grown into a bit of a playboy. The story of their love starts unexpectedly on his first day of training. That evening, when Chiaki is told he can't go out at night to mess around, he responds with an unusual request: "In exchange, if I try my best, I want to get a treat for it." When Takao agrees, he suddenly finds Chiaki inching closer... with a lustful expression. Shaking as Chiaki's hot tongue explores his mouth, he feels engulfed with a newly discovered pleasure.


Daisuke Has a Weakness (Current ch. 6) NEW Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

Two rumors surround Haruya Tsukise. Number one: He's gay. And number two: He gives it up quickly. Daisuke, his childhood friend, has always suffered for it, whether it be having to save Haruya from being taken advantage of, running errands for him, or listening to him rant about his mean boyfriend. But, that's only because Haruya has leverage on Daisuke.

Daisuke is always there to support love-starved Haruya. What will happen to them!?


The Sadist Training Plan Condition - No way... you're going to lick me there? (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic

In the dark living room, the naked Mika approaches her sleeping husband. However... It isn't her husband, but his subordinate!? "How daring, for the Missus to attack me." ...No, this wasn't what I...


You Came on to Me First (Current ch. 12) NEW Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

Nao and her boss, Seiya, get along about as well as a cat and a dog at work. When they go out to drink with coworkers, they get in a big fight... or so Nao thought, but when she woke up, she was in bed with him at a love hotel! The next day Nao doesn't know how to act in front of Seiya at the office... but when they talk, they get in another big fight about who invited who to the love hotel... that leads to them kissing again. And then he says, "If we repeat that night, we'll probably remember..." Nao knows that's just an excuse, but she can't resist...


Fornication like Fiction -Better than a Steamy Novel- (Current ch. 8) NEW Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

32-year-old Momo Amagi is a no-name novelist who has never slept with anyone, and her life is on the brink of failure. Even her infatuation with a certain cafe worker seems insurmountable with their ten-year age gap. So, when Momo resigns herself to an arranged marriage, she finds herself face to face with the cafe worker himself! Sparks fly, but he's still 22. Just when she's about to leave, she wonders how this scenario might end in one of her novels... and with his help, she learns firsthand how steamy a woman's first time can be!


"I'm Cumming From My Husband's Subordinate..." -The Cheating Wife Who Can't Resist Feeling It.- (Current ch. 11) NEW Comic

"Don't... Lick there so much...!" The man's tongue twirls skilfully, stimulating her swollen pink place... No, my hips will lift up! Mika, who works at a family restaurant has not had sex with her also working husband in a while, but was told that, "It is when you are busy that physical intimacy is the most important!"In the dark living room, the naked Mika approaches her sleeping husband. However... It isn't her husband, but his subordinate!? "How daring, for the Missus to attack me." ...No, this wasn't what I...Though she denies it with all her being, the man doesn't stop. As the husband sleeps near, another man's tool thrusts into the wife's secret place...!"Your tits are about the size of the melons we grow here... You've grown up in all the right places." He takes her nipples in between his fingers and rubs them all over... She wants to resist him, but why does it feel so good...? Chiaki returns home to the countryside after getting her heart broken. She planned to spend a relaxing time at home, but her parents quickly find her a job! Her work partner is none other than the former delinquent, Daigo, who she's known since she was little...! Chiaki is hired to do PR work to promote Daigo's vegetables, and ends up living with him to do close coverage of his work... Daigo's crass and unrestricted behavior exhausts her from the very first day. In the end, he starts groping Chiaki's breasts while he's half-asleep... Daigo, your breast instinct is way too strong!


My Veterinarian Boyfriend Won't Pay Attention to Me [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Chisa spends her days managing the family bakery with her older brother (and the store's idol dog, Ms. Shibasaki). It might seem like everything's going well for her and that her dreams came true, but there's actually something troubling her. That is... that her life rhythm is too different from her boyfriend's...!!
Her boyfriend, Natsuki, has also realized his dream and is currently working day and night as an apprentice veterinarian. Chisa's day starts super early, they can't meet for days at a time...

"I might sound greedy, but I'll definitely make both my work and love lives work...!!"
The meanie verterinarian boyfriend and a stubborn girl!
This is the hectic love story of a couple with completely different life rhythms.


[Sold By Chapter]Iori and the Beast [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic

AuthorRie Honjoh

Half-beasts and humans both live together in this world, but species don't usually mix romantically...

Iori is a social worker who helps half-beasts live with humans. He's got a good heart, but he's scared of love. One day he meets the wolf writer, Tsuneaki Gora, in order to introduce him to the orphan wolf boy, Riku. Iori immediately feels something for the wild and hot Tsuneaki, and Tsuneaki seems to like him, too... or, at least his scent, anyway...!!
A heartwarming love story about a shy child wolf and two cute guys who are awkward in love.

Also includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!

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