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The Guy I'm into Is a You-Know-What! ( Current vol 2 ) NEW Comic

PublisherCLAP Comix

"No problem. A man always keeps his word. We can do it as many times as you want." Sakiko Kotohira is a devoted yaoi fangirl and absolutely head over heels for Reiji, the cool, dominant protagonist of her favorite comic. One of the highlights of Sakiko's day is catching a glimpse of Masayuki Utazu, a coworker who happens to look just like Reiji. One day, distracted by her daydreams, Sakiko suddenly finds herself face-to-face with the office lookalike. He turns out to be even hotter than she'd imagined. Desperate for material to fuel future fantasies, Sakiko all but rips her clothes off and pounces on the guy. Masayuki's cool, imperial resolve melts away in a second. Further prompted by a secret reason of his own, Masayuki decides he has to have her!! Get ready for a showdown between two explosive desires, as well as a passionate battle of misunderstandings!


If We're Gonna Do It, Use the Daddy Hole ( Current vol 3 ) NEW Comic


"I get hard so easily lately. What do you do about it?" He's so cute, Yuichiro could love him to bits!! His dear, innocent, angelic godson Akito has reached that age where he wants to stick it in any hole he can find! Yuichiro, a slightly dopey ex-biker in his thirties, is raising his dearly departed best friend's son, and he's a little overzealous about it. Smitten with his adorable Akito, he can't help getting overprotective. "Show me how... by touching me." Akito insists that Yuichiro teach him how to jerk off, leading to the two rubbing their members together. How the heck did this lead to... giving head while watching dirty videos...!? Could Akito have been planning this all along...?


Relentlessly Seduced by Mr. Perfect ( Current vol 7 ) NEW Comic


Chiaki is secretly dating her younger co-worker Akira, and although they're totally in love, she can't keep up with him in the bedroom. Akira's always ready for another round straight away, and Chiaki's been losing sleep because of it... To make things worse, Chiaki's rival at the office, Shogo, discovers their relationship! He teases her, asking if she's satisfied with "quick-draw" Akira, and says he'll keep quiet about it if Chiaki can bring Shogo pleasure!


You're Too Nice! -I'm Not Letting You off Until You're Mine- ( Current vol 2 ) NEW Comic

Mao Uehara is talked into taking her twin sister Rio's place at a blind date. The mystery man turns out to be her beloved boss, Yuusei. The young chief has his own reasons for being there. Just as Mao thinks it's about time to call it a night, Yuusei takes her hand and pulls her away with him. He captures her lips in a kiss and they spend a passionate night together.


This Is Taking Brotherly Love Way Too Far ( Current vol 4 ) NEW Comic


Haruhi's sick of being bossed around by his younger stepbrother, Akito, and tells him he's had enough. Haruhi's too nice, though. Upon seeing Akito's sad expression, he tries to console his brother, only for Akito to kiss him right then and there! Haruhi's never seen Akito so desperate. Akito doesn't hate him!? ...But, why show it with a kiss!? Akito's behavior escalates, and Haruhi's still not sure what's going on in his brother's head. This is a romantic comedy about two stepbrothers in a taboo relationship. One's besotted yet stand-offish, and the other's entirely at his mercy!


No Experience Necessary! -Have Fun While You Work- NEW Comic


If it's too good to be true, then it's too good to be true. A high-paying part time job that is erotic and fun! Sachi Suzuki is a young university student who accidentally broke her professor's expensive camera lens. Lured by the phrase "$13 an hour," she applies for a part-time job at a bookstore. It pays well, and the acting manager who's doing the interview is so handsome! Maybe she'll even fall in love? However, what seemed like a wonderful job at an ordinary bookstore... turns out to be a job at an adult goods shop! What's a virgin going to do when he makes a move on her!? What has she gotten herself into!?


Tutor Me, Please NEW Comic


Uta, a seemingly perfect guy with no weaknesses, is invited to Minami's home as a private tutor. Minami's skills in bed are as pathetic as his grades, but thanks to Uta's help, he starts scoring better and "scoring" better! Excitement gives way to an all-out rollercoaster ride as they begin their lessons in love!! Also included in this volume: A sweet, two-part romance about a hair stylist saving for marriage who ends up living with a divorcee, and a short story about a rough-and-tumble rival pair who can't stop arguing over who should "top" long enough to admit their feelings!!


The Guy Next Door Has It Out For Me ( Current vol 4 ) NEW Comic


Shoma is a businessman who lives in company housing. All of a sudden Itsuki, a man who just happens to be as cute as a girl, moves in next door. Then one night, as Shoma goes to complain to his neighbor about a noise problem, a naked man and a scantily clad Itsuki rush out. Shoma, who inadvertently ends up helping Itsuki, finds out that they went to the same preschool and were childhood friends... But he doesn't have any memory of it. Shoma, who can't bring himself to say "I don't remember" suddenly gets pushed down in front of his door by Itsuki...! This is a cute little love story between an innocent businessman and a super cute guy next door!


Her Sister's Baby NEW Comic


It's been three years since they broke up, but now Dray, Cass's ex, has appeared before her once more. The way he broke up with her was downright cruel, so what could he possibly want now? Her little sister married his younger brother, and up to this point she'd been lucky enough to not have to see him at all. Dray had the same beautiful blue eyes as before, and he stared coolly at Cass while he told her that Pen had passed away, leaving behind a baby. Pen's death will have repercussions for Cass and Dray's relationship that the heartbroken Cass can't yet imagine.



After the Ball NEW Comic


Eliza does her twin sister a favor and goes to a party in her place, but how long will she be able to fend off the roguish glances of her sister's boyfriend? He seems intent on taking her to bed. Eliza is trying to find a way out of the situation when her first love, Giles, appears out of the crowd. Just seeing his face brings back old memories...and he's the only one who can help her now! She explains the situation and asks for his help. But he says he wants something in return!



I'm Not Going Home Tonight... -At a Love Hotel with My Wicked Coworker!- ( Current vol 33 ) NEW Comic


Satsuki and her coworker Rihito go to the countryside on a business trip. He's really popular among the women in their office and gets along well with everybody. Satsuki dislikes that about him, but that day, they miss their plane home because of her! No matter where they look, they're in the middle of nowhere with no one in sight and no cars on the horizon. But, in front of the two stranded colleagues stands a hotel...!


The Cocoon and the Sun ( Current vol 2 ) NEW Comic

It was my first date on the beach with my boyfriend Saeki! But our lovey-dovey day was interrupted by a beach babe sporting the same bikini as me. I was so ashamed when I compared my scrawny body to her. I felt miserable as I covered myself with a hoodie, but Saeki cheered me up as only he knew how... I was able to let it all go at the sunny seaside. I want us to get closer, and have a summer of discovery.


The Baby Bequest Brewster Baby Boom I NEW Comic


Claire works as a secretary for a company owned by the Brewster family. One day the respected president passed away in an unfortunate accident, and his three estranged sons inherited the company. Claire's new boss, Evan, was cold to her and she worried she might not be able to get along with him. But Evan has more on his plate than just a new company; he's suddenly got a new baby, too. So one day after she gets home from work, Claire receives an SOS call from Evan. Secretary by day, nanny by night? It's hard to resist the request of such a dashing man.



His Convenient Marriage NEW Comic


Chessie's father committed a crime to protect his family, but then he died. She was at a loss as to what to do after selling their manor, but Miles Hunter, a mystery novel author, gave her an option. He'd let her and her sister stay on at the manor as servants. But Chessie was unused to housework, and her hands soon became rough and her cheap clothes made her a source of gossip in town. Then Miles invited her out to dinner. He had been kind to her lately, so Chessie had started opening up to him. But his words at dinner surprised her. He has a proposal for her and she must make her decision on the spot!



Beloved Castaway NEW Comic


When Morvenna woke up, she was on an unfamiliar beach and surrounded by armed men. She had been searching for her father, an explorer who had gone missing, which is how she'd come to be found there. She'd been relying on the single map that he had left behind... The man who stretched out his hand to save her was a young man named Roque de Bras Ferro. He'd come to see the yacht that had sunk off the shores of this Brazilian island, and he'd treated her leg injury, too. He spoke to her in fluent English and his blue eyes seemed to pull her in as he spoke.



Tempting Lucas NEW Comic


Worried about her aging grandmother, Emily visited her grandmother's mansion after a long absence. Eleven years earlier, she'd fallen in love with Lucas, the man next door. However, after a painful encounter, and his engagement, she fell out of love with him. At least Lucas was now working as a doctor in faraway Africa-there was no way that they would run into each other now. But, sadly, his wife passed away and he had returned to his home. To make matters worse, a fire broke out in her grandmother's mansion the very night Emily arrived, meaning Emily and her grandmother have nowhere else to go but Lucas's nearby home. Unbelievable! How on earth is Emily going to be able to share a roof him?



Reawakening Miss Calverley NEW Comic


Anne has lost all her memories save her name, but at least when she collapsed on a stormy night, she was rescued from harm by aristocrat Lord James Aldhurst. Despite her difficulties, she bravely carries on with a smile on her face while James gently offers his support, but she's plagued by insecurities on the inside. She feels as if there's something she must do, and she's troubled by the scars on her wrists... What do they mean? Part one of a period piece!?



Monthly: Editor-in-Chief Aikawa ( Current vol 7 ) NEW Comic


Aikawa becomes the new chief editor in charge of a certain adult manga magazine, but she isn't really used to dealing with such smut... She doesn't have that much experience with men either, so it's all just so embarrassing! But, she is simply adorable...


I Turned into a Girl and Turned on All the Knights! -I Need to Have Sex to Turn Back!- ( Current vol 13 ) NEW Comic Popular


The hit novel is now a comic! Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed to turn into a woman at sundown. To turn back into a man, he has to sleep with other men! Alto confesses his problem to the handsome bad-boy knight Sir Lloyd, who's only too happy to help him out. Alto shouldn't be enjoying this, but why does it feel so good!? And then there's Sir Lune, the well-mannered knight-in-shining-armor Alto has always admired, who's worried about Alto, too... Enjoy this one-of-a-kind story!
This work contains both straight and gay themes.


My Boyfriend's a Love-Zombie -The Pleasure Won't Stop!- ( Current vol 3 ) NEW Comic


"You finished so fast. I know all of your sensitive spots, Yuri." Yuri hasn't gotten over the loss of her older ex-boyfriend. On her way home from a mixer, she's hit on by some persistent jerks. A young man comes to her rescue, but is slightly injured in the process. She invites him to her home for some first aid, where he suddenly feels faint and falls into Yuri's arms. That's when the two passionately kiss! They may have just met, but Yuri's into it. She ends up in the throws of pleasure from just a little heavy petting... She's shocked when he tells her his name...! Could this just be a coincidence!?

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