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Kiss and Tell

( Current vol 16 )
AuthorAnna Takamura
Review 5(4 Review)
"The guy I hate knows my most humiliating secret... And now my lower half is reacting to his tongue in my mouth...!" Leo is a popular but self-conscious guy on campus who's been hiding the fact that he can't "get it up" lately. Not even therapy (porn) seems to help. At a party one night, he's forced to kiss his popular and irritating neighbor Ryosuke in front of everyone. Ryosuke's unexpectedly skillful tongue takes the lead, moving deeply inside Leo's mouth... Then Leo's body begins to react. Leo thought he had erectile dysfunction, so how can he be getting turned on in a situation like this...!?


Desperate for Love!

( Current vol 2 )
AuthorSachi Narashima
Yohta Seto just wants to feel needed. His lover dumps him, saying Yohta would be with anyone as long as they praise him! After getting kicked out of his ex's apartment, he meets Tatsumi Okazaki, a regular at the restaurant where he works, who lets Yohta move in with him. Tatsumi confesses he's always been interested in Yohta, and asks if he has a chance. "I'll do whatever you need if you let me stay..." Yohta says, attempting to seduce him...! "If you mean it when you say you like me, I wish you'd prove it by sleeping with me..." Tatsumi's mixed signals are confusing the hell out of Yohta...


My Sweet Cherry Boy

( Current vol 4 )
AuthorMoko Tonda
Review 5(1 Review)
Akihiko Nakajima, a college student who's never had a girlfriend, meets Asahi through a private tutoring job. With sparkling eyes and flowing hair, his pupil is prettier than any girl. Akihiko, who's still a virgin and has trouble talking to girls, finds himself strangely drawn to Asahi despite knowing he's a boy. One day, Asahi tells Akihiko that he's embarrassed to use the showers at school and asks if he can see what Akihiko looks like. Reluctantly, Akihiko agrees... but the angelic young boy turns out to be a relentless devil!

Natsuo's secret desire is to be touched while on the train commuting to school. He wants it so much that he even touches himself to fantasies of it, fantasies which are only getting stronger and stronger. That's when he sees a handsome businessman on his morning journey. Their eyes meet, and suddenly Natsuo's fantasy man has taken firm shape. He begins to fall for this attractive stranger, and when they exchange a few words, that feeling only deepens. Has the man noticed how Natsuo feels? And, is he going to do something about it...?

Review 5(2 Review)
Struggling college student Satou is in big trouble... He's broke. He goes to class depressed, where his friends Kaname and Yuusuke conveniently offer him a part-time job. Satou leaps at the chance without hearing the details, but of course there's a catch... Turns out he has to suffer through a lot of very special "research" and "experiments"...! This lucrative part-time job is full of some eye-opening first-time experiences, but will Satou ever catch on to their real motives!?

AuthorTakayuki Shidatsu
Miidera is a promising new member of his high school's baseball team, but he's forced to take a temporary leave of absence after breaking his leg. Restless and alone, Miidera aimlessly wanders into an empty classroom where he meets Yukami, a senior in the art club who is apparently painting the school grounds. Miidera tries to leave, but he stumbles on his crutches, ripping a hole in the canvas! "I'll do anything!" he insists, stricken by the trouble he's caused, so Yukami asks him to model for a new painting. Miidera reluctantly agrees, and Yukami happily begins removing the younger student's clothes...! This is a pure yet erotic school love story from Takayuki Shidatsu, author of "Your Butt Fetish is a Pain in my Ass"!


A Coward Falls in Love

( Current vol 5 )
AuthorMoto Haruyama
Review 5(1 Review)
Kawachi's enjoying another day of watching (more like stalking) his favorite guy, the very nice Yuto Shinozuka, from the shadows. As he's peeping on Yuto putting away some stuff in the gym storage room, something unbelievable happens...! Caught witnessing Yuto showing his true self, Kawachi panics and blurts out that he'll keep quiet if Yuto pleasures him! Kawachi feels terrible because what he's doing is basically blackmail! But, he just can't help himself. A relationship that starts with blackmail... Can it work!?

AuthorEnju Makishima sevensnow
Kio Hadano was left without a single relative when his grandmother passed away. In despair that he's being urged to leave the house he lived in with his grandmother, Kio comes across a mummified house lizard. Then, without warning, it transforms into a huge snake! The snake turns out to be Anraku, a self-proclaimed "specter." Anraku speaks about his debt to Kio's grandmother and transforms once more into a human, but... He's tall with long hair, and completely naked...! Anraku is beautiful but has an odd personality, and he tells Kio to leave the living arrangements to him. Kio is bewildered, but soon finds himself drawn to Anraku's strange charms. A specter and a human; the relationship between these two who should never have met becomes known to others, and they are forced to make the ultimate decision...


My Sweet Doctor!

( Current vol 3 )
AuthorGlycerine Takeru
The bright young actor Sunao Makita is starring in a hit medical TV drama. His director makes him interview a surgeon called Naoki Himematsu, but when Sunao shows up, he receives the opposite of a warm welcome and is outright rejected. Over time, Dr. Himematsu's cold yet kind personality slowly warms up to Sunao's tenacity and persistence. Will Sunao figure out how to get through to the surgeon's heart!? He wants to see more of the doctor's cute side! This is a medical romance featuring an attractive actor with the personality of an excited puppy, and the calm, collected doctor he loves!

AuthorMinori Saku
PublisherBrite Publishing
Review 5(1 Review)
Homare is a buyer of family-friendly products who loses a potential client when they hear a rumor he's gay. Feeling frustrated, he stops by a bar on his way home and meets an attractive man named Junpei. Taking a seat next to Junpei at the counter, Homare starts to talk about work and confesses that he's gay. Not only is he accepted warmly, but he discovers that Junpei is also gay... but both of them have a deep fear of emotional commitment. As they grow closer to one another, will fear get in the way of finding true happiness in love? This is a tender and sensual story of how to give love and how to be loved in return.

AuthorSaya Okuse
Satoi is our company's best secretary and also my mentor. He also acts as my ball-and-chain since I kind of pushed it too far with my promiscuity... But, one day, I find Satoi on the floor getting his chest touched by a guy!! That look on his face... It's turning me on!!! I pounce on him when... huh? What?? How have the tables turned!?


Leopard White Paper

( Current vol 3 )
AuthorYuzuha Ougi
Aya's a super handsome yet stingy host who works at the club "Leopard". One day, he's approached by Tadatomo, a man with the aura of a king. "I want to buy you. How much do you want?" And so begins the love game between the arrogant and rich Tadatomo and Aya, the host with the nature of a wild cat.

AuthorChifumi Ochi
Yuji Kuramochi is a B-List voice actor. He's currently in a complicated relationship with Junya Kobayashi, a budding star who attended the same acting school. One day, Yuji is offered his first starring role which includes an intimate scene with Junya's character. To his dismay, he lets out an embarrassing sound during the recording! After a night of drinking where he ends up spending the night with Ryuichi, another voice actor, his relationship with Junya takes an awkward turn...

AuthorKatsura Kojima
Totsuka is a straight guy, working on a university campus and cursed with a long history of unrequited love interests. He really wants to be able to call someone his own, but every time he tries, it never seems to work out. Of course, as fate would have it, the one person who seems to be into him is a male student, Nari, who showers Totsuka with sweet nothings like "You're totally my type" and "You should pick me, Totsuka." One day, Nari stops showing up to college, and Totsuka can't help but worry about him. One thing leads to another, and Totsuka finds himself going to Nari's place hammered... and passionately kissing him. With Totsuka unable to control himself under Nari's intoxicating sensuality and Nari smoothly leading him in the bedroom... How will this one night between an office worker with absolutely no game and a gay playboy student end...!?

AuthorTomo Mitsuhashi
Review 5(1 Review)
Reiji Kiryu, the most gifted student their school has ever seen, turns down Akira's childhood friend, Momoka, when she asks him out. Akira, a self-admitted delinquent, vows to beat his ass into the ground in retribution and calls him out after school... but!! After being hypnotized in front of a crowd, Akira is helpless to resist as Reiji brings him to ecstasy with a single touch of his finger...! As Reiji's hypnotism steadily escalates, sooner or later... Akira might really become his woman...!


I'll Show You What I Want You to Do

[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
Review 5(1 Review)
Ren's problem is his sister, Rinko, and her laid-back relationships. His morning starts when he wakes up next to her latest boyfriend Kazuya, who mistook Ren's room for Rinko's. Ren's source of relief is Shirao, an older student he looks up to. Ren doesn't want to date him, thinking that being smiled at is enough, but... Through a turn of events, Kazuya discovers Ren's infatuation and asks if he thinks about Shirao at night, in bed. Ren denies it, but Kazuya, enjoying Ren's reaction, says "I'll help you out" and starts touching him. This unfamiliar pleasure, mixed with feelings of guilt, causes Ren to cry, piquing Kazuya's interest even more... What will happen to this innocent high school boy, torn between feelings of shame and pleasure, with his sister's boyfriend...?

AuthorTsuna Kamokawa
PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
Review 5(1 Review)
New editor Tatsumi Kujo's been put in charge of famous author Haruto Kirishima. Hoping to pick up the next manuscript (and meet the writer for the first time), Tatsumi arrives at Haruto's place only to find blank pages! Haruto claims he's not in the mood for writing and declines his new editor's desperate requests. When Tatsumi says he'll do anything, Haruto suddenly kisses him and says he wants to go even further. Before Tatsumi can refuse, Haruto is already on top of him!
Includes five digital-only pages.

AuthorShip Hita
PublisherBrite Publishing
There's a strikingly beautiful student in Takumi's seminar class: Yukiya Mimori, one of the famously beautiful fraternal Mimori twins. When Takumi ends up as Yukiya's partner for their research presentation and tries speaking to him, he discovers that Yukiya is unexpectedly easy to talk to. Takumi finds himself caring about Yukiya and wanting to close the distance between them. However, Takumi can't help but feel uneasy when Yukiya, cheeks flushing, casually talks about his over-possessive crush...

Shimizu is a college student who loves rock music and plays in a band, but the band still doesn't have a vocalist. But then, a chance meeting steals his heart... and turns him on!! Enter Kuroiwa, a boy with a voice that makes Shimizu weak in the knees. Shimizu comes on strong, but Kuroiwa says he's only interested in classical music... And so begins hot animal magnetism between a silly rocker and an intelligent classical fan!

AuthorNobara Shinoda
Socially inept college student Natsume Ise falls in love at first sight with the cute and popular Haru Tsuda. Natsume's friend catches him staring obsessively at Haru and warns him about his promiscuous ways. Natsume doesn't want to believe it, but Haru comes to his apartment and asks to stay over after being caught cheating with two other girls. Natsume pounces on Haru without thinking, and Haru lets Natsume have his way with him. The two become friends with benefits, but Natsume wants to be more than that. Natsume confronts Haru about it, but... This is a story about how an innocent and inexperienced hottie and a promiscuous cutie go from friends with benefits to boyfriends!

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