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Sweetheart Trigger

[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
Review 5(1 Review)
Cole, a gay college student, has a crush on the boy next door, Alex Rodriguez. Cole can only watch Alex from a distance, all the girls flocking to the one he wants while being forced to satisfy his urges alone. Then one day, that distance starts to disappear when a drunken Alex falls asleep in Cole's bed. Emboldened, Cole goes to a costume party in hopes of talking to Alex and ends up confessing his true feelings. Alex is used to this kind of thing, casually brushing it off, but Cole doesn't know what to do and comes up with...! A dark-haired hunk and an average blonde gay guy; two polar opposites meet in this homosexual-romance slice-of-life drama!


Kiss and Tell

( Current vol 7 )
AuthorAnna Takamura
Review 5(2 Review)
"The guy I hate knows my most humiliating secret... And now my lower half is reacting to his tongue in my mouth...!" Leo is a popular but self-conscious guy on campus who's been hiding the fact that he can't "get it up" lately. Not even therapy (porn) seems to help. At a party one night, he's forced to kiss his popular and irritating neighbor Ryosuke in front of everyone. Ryosuke's unexpectedly skillful tongue takes the lead, moving deeply inside Leo's mouth... Then Leo's body begins to react. Leo thought he had erectile dysfunction, so how can he be getting turned on in a situation like this...!?

AuthorGisho Akagi
On the highway to success, Kureto was enjoying his perfect life at college when he learns that his identical twin brother Akio, a "bad boy" held back a year in school and his polar opposite, was hospitalized after getting into a fight. To prevent Akio from getting expelled, his parents and Akio beg him to "go to school in Akio's place." Kureto reluctantly agrees to go to Akio's boys-only high school so that his family situation doesn't get any worse. However, he's instantly alarmed at how all the other students treat him. Though he knew Akio had a reputation for getting into fights, he never would have imagined that his brother was well known for other physical activities too... and it seems like the whole school is in on it! Approached wherever he goes, with nowhere to feel safe... Will he be able to get through this unscathed!?


Lovesick Odd Couple

( Current vol 8 )
Review 5(2 Review)
"You're this turned on when I've hardly touched you yet? What a naughty boy..." Kaoru is a tough guy with a secret he can't reveal to anyone: after getting chased down by the police... he likes to jack off!! But how could he possibly tell anyone about a fetish like that!? It's a secret he can never allow to get out. After Kaoru and his friend get involved in another police chase, his arousal demands his attention in the park. Just as he's about to masturbate... a police officer appears...!! When a cop catches Kaoru exposed, is his darkest fantasy going to become real...!!?

AuthorAsuka Ibuki
Review 5(2 Review)
Kishiwada is widely recognized as the school's number one delinquent. But, despite being the leader of a gang, he's hiding an important secret... which is... he has extremely sensitive nipples! They get erect from the slightest touch from the fabric of his clothes. Not only that... even his rod gets hard from it! Due to this, his everyday life is filled with troubles! The reason for this peculiar condition is that when he was a kid, he used to play a game called "Nipple Bingo" with his friend Andoh... And one day, Andoh suddenly reappears in Kishiwada's life! Make sure to follow Kishiwada's everyday-life adventures!

Review 5(2 Review)
Elite bureaucrat from the Ministry of Education Masato Saeki loves hunting for straight, inexperienced younger men. In the office, Masato works diligently while hiding his preferences. But, one day, he's asked to investigate a famous all-boys school. He's looking forward to being surrounded by so many young innocents! One night, he goes out and gets completely demolished by an unintelligent-looking playboy... Unable to forget the incredible sensations, he starts his job at the school and meets the student council president Kei Honjo. However, the sight of Kei's guarded demeanor and smile give him an odd feeling...
Includes a bonus page and an extra bonus page exclusive to Renta!

AuthorKatsura Kojima
PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
The two of them played a "secret game" when they were kids. Yasuhiro's always thought he was to blame for twisting his cousin Yuma's sexual orientation, and he started avoiding Yuma at a certain point. But one day, Yuma turns up at Yasuhiro's apartment and insists that wasn't the reason for his orientation. On the contrary, Yuma lusts after his body every time they meet. Thinking he mustn't get swept away, Yasuhiro uses his work as an excuse to escape Yuma's advances, but the impulsive Yuma closes in. Yasuhiro had always thought of Yuma as a kid, so when Yuma makes an unexpectedly "adult" remark, Yasuhiro can't help slapping him. And yet, Yuma still hasn't learned his lesson! What'll Yasuhiro do...?
Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!

AuthorYonezou Nekota
PublisherFAT CAT
Reno's got a new roommate and his name is Roger Brower. His nickname is "Casanova" and there are rumors that he sells his body for money. Soon after arriving he asks Reno if he can leave the room for 3 hours once every 2 to 3 days so he can have sex with his clients, and Reno realizes the rumors are true. He tells Reno that he'll give him some of the money he makes as payment for renting out the room for that time. Reno reluctantly agrees and everything is going just fine until the day he accidentally walks back into their shared room and is confronted with the sight of Roger having sex with one of his customers.

AuthorMito Aoi
"I want you to fall for me." Higher-schooler Minato is having a spate of bad luck: getting dumped by his lover, losing his wallet, and getting water poured on his head... He meets a younger student, Hanamura, in the library, who is attractive, but hard to read. Minato, who hasn't gotten over his broken heart, agrees to go on a date with Hanamura as a distraction from his feelings. It was supposed to be a trial date, but ends up bringing the two closer. What lies in wake of the love that blossoms between them...? This is a sweet story about the clumsy romance between a junior who wants to believe in love and a senior trying to mend his broken heart.

AuthorChihaya Magase
Review 3(1 Review)
His boyfriend's weird obsession with sex toys made Ichiya afraid of men, even though he's gay. He later takes over his grandfather's shared house as the administrator, and it turns out... its residents are all gay porn stars! Ichiya accepts the job under the impression that being an administrator means no touching. As soon as he arrives, he becomes the center of attention for all the actors! They film gay porn in the living room, barge into the bath for a hug... It's all going haywire! To top it off, Ichiya has to share a room with one of the guys until his own is fully renovated!

"I didn't think you had the guts to come to school without underwear when you have P.E. class." Kotaro and Daisuke are always ready to get it on! They come to school without underwear and make out in the P.E. storeroom! Kotaro pretends to be hesitant at first, but he does anything Daisuke tells him to do, no matter how naughty it sounds. Enjoy the adventures of two silly boys who are head over heels for each other!

AuthorJinco Sohma
I'm 24, a teacher, and... I'm being hit on by my 17-year-old student in front of his classmates. What kind of joke is this!? He steals a kiss from me after class ends one day, and even though I promptly stop it, just that one little kiss sends me reeling! He's my student, and yet all I want to do is stare at him... Into those beautiful eyes... Which will win; a student's lust or a teacher's logic?

AuthorYakan Misaki Inori
Review 5(9 Review)
The hit gender-swap yaoi novel is now a comic! To return to manhood, he has to sleep with another guy!? Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed to turn into a woman. To turn back into a man, he has to have sex with men! Alto confesses his problem to the handsome bad-boy knight Sir Lloyd, who's only too happy to "help him out." Alto shouldn't be enjoying this, so why does it feel so good!? And then there's Sir Lune, the well-mannered knight-in-shining-armor Alto has always admired, who's worried about Alto, too... Enjoy this one-of-a-kind story full of gender-swap sex, boys loving boys, and a love triangle involving two handsome knights!
This work contains both straight and gay themes.

AuthorKyohei Azumi
PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
Review 5(8 Review)
Katsuyuki returns to the town he lived in as a child after being away for ten years, but he's faced with nothing but trouble. In order to try warding off evil spirits, he goes to a shrine to pray. There, he meets an oddly-dressed child with furry ears and a tail, who only Katsuyuki can see. The child follows him home, asking to "feed," and proceeds to kiss Katsuyuki and swallow his spit... "What the? Did he just get taller...? And now he wants to mate with me...!?" The threads of fate interweave in this mysterious anthropomorphic fantasy!
Includes four digital-only pages.

AuthorShip Hita
PublisherBrite Publishing
There's a strikingly beautiful student in Takumi's seminar class: Yukiya Mimori, one of the famously beautiful fraternal Mimori twins. When Takumi ends up as Yukiya's partner for their research presentation and tries speaking to him, he discovers that Yukiya is unexpectedly easy to talk to. Takumi finds himself caring about Yukiya and wanting to close the distance between them. However, Takumi can't help but feel uneasy when Yukiya, cheeks flushing, casually talks about his over-possessive crush...

AuthorYoko Midoriyama
Publisherjunet Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Apparently, if you touch yourself too much, some red stuff will come out, and you die...!! ...Or, that's the urban legend Yu believes (no wonder he gets the worst grades in his class), and Masumi wants nothing more than to help him!! So, what does he start doing to Yu...!? This manga brings you boys with their hormones raging, a patissier, an older laborer, and so much more!!

AuthorIto Agata
This is the long-awaited second series depicting the story between Yuki and Tsukasa, who are now lovers! Their relationship started with Tsukasa finding it amusing how Yuki would do whatever he said. But, Yuki took it all in stride, his open and honest demeanor eventually winning Tsukasa over, and love blossomed between them. Tsukasa has dated many girls, but has he ever loved anyone like this before? Although caught between feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, Tsukasa's passion for Yuki only grows stronger. Yuki, however, feels guilty over his relationship with Tsukasa, despite his happiness about being Tsukasa's lover... The next installment of the intimate and complicated relationship between the cool, once-straight junior who finally finds love and the industrious yet lewd, boy-loving senior starts here!

PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
Review 5(2 Review)
The three of us were always together... Until the day we graduated, when I turned down his affections. But it turns out, behind my back they were... "Sea of Regret" and "Beneath the Surface" feature a love triangle between childhood friends that opens old wounds. Next is "Piercings," a story that begins with the allure of gleaming metal... Then there's the new-age style "Restart," and the yaoi story from a female perspective, "We Are the Third Wheel." This is a collection of "negative"-themed short stories showcasing some of Harada's best work! This manga contains the following works: "Sea of Regret" "Beneath the Surface" "Holes" "Restart" "Restart/Miki" "We Are the Third Wheel"
The limited-edition bonus page is the cover slip that was only available from exclusive distributors. (Note: The bonus page is the same for both "Negative" and "Positive")

Many students at Hayato's school can see ghosts. He can't see them, but it turns out he's a medium and they stick to him like glue! His classmate Takuya looks after Hayato by exorcising the ghosts. Soon, a rumor about "Toilet Hanako" begins circulating during lunch break. Hayato doesn't believe the rumors, but when afternoon classes start, he's nowhere to be found. Takuya has a bad feeling and rushes off to the toilet next to the library where the rumors are centered... only to find Hayato possessed by the ghost of a student who committed suicide after being bullied over his love for another boy. In exchange for leaving Hayato's body, the ghost demands Takuya sleep with him! Hayato usually plays it cool, but once possessed, Takuya can't resist the possibilities...

AuthorSaya Okuse
Publisherjunet Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Ready to "arrive" on the train or at school!! Chi, Naru, and Miwa have been buddies since childhood. Every day they ride the train to school together, but one day both Miwa and Naru are late. Reluctantly, Chi gets on the train alone, but finds himself the victim of a groper...!

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