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[Sold by Chapter] Code Name: Prince [Total ch. 12] Completed Comic


"Was I kidnapped by an angel? While Edinburg kingdom is rocked by the disappearance of the king, Ben, a marine acting as a double for his cousin, Prince Nicholas, is kidnapped. As he lies strapped to a bed, he is met by a beautiful woman smelling of roses. Seeing guilt in her eyes, Ben is sure she's taking part in this kidnapping against her will. Whatever her circumstances, Ben vows to protect her! Part 3 of the ""Wedding of the Century-Kingdom of Edinburg"" 4-part miniseries!



Fated Attraction Comic

Kaoru has a special gift. He can see "the red string of fate" and cut it, too. In fact, that's his line of business. Unfortunately, because of this, he himself has no red string.
Knowing that destiny will never attach him to anyone, he detaches himself from any chance of true love. That's why when his client Hara professes his love for Kaoru, he has no choice but to push him away.
Hara doesn't give up, though, and Kaoru finally gives in to his love. Wanting to trust Hara's love for him, Kaoru decides to be with him... yet he still can't help but worry about the red string of fate on Hara's pinky...


A Proud Wolf's Awkward Love Affair (Current ch. 10) Comic Popular


Princess Sheera lives a peaceful, loving life in her island nation Enblue, a country isolated, but protected by treacherous waters. Then, one day, during a celebratory party with delegates from neighboring countries, her father the king is assassinated. While mass panic arises as people seek to find the killer, General Leonheart of the Ven Empire's royal army takes over... despite allegations of him orchestrating the whole murder. Princess Sheera vows to have her revenge on him... even if it means sacrificing her own body for his pleasure.
A love story intertwined with politics and a "forced" marriage!


Your True Face Is Just For Me [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


All her life, people have told Narumi Akiyama that she has a sharp stare, gloomy attitude, and scary demeanor?and unfortunately, she's developed an inferiority complex about her face. Afraid of interacting with people, she moves through life avoiding them as much as possible. One day, however, no thanks to her nephew's trap, she ends up working as a fashion model! With a little makeup, she finds herself more or less okay in front of people... But, when she meets fashion designer Junya Kanai, he's unlike anyone she's ever met before. And Narumi, having long given up on romance, begins to feel something again.
Will he fall for someone like her?


Gentlecats (Current ch. 4) Comic

PublisherRenta Comics

When businessman Ronald Lazly finishes work, he frequently visits a certain tea house. The sophisticated tea house is run by a cat man who happens to be a master of milk tea.

Set in the town of Soffice, where humans and beasts coexist, this is a light romance story between different species.


The Sailor's Bride Comic


Abigail, an archaeologist in Naples, is saved from trouble by James, a dignified naval captain. By chance, they both have business at the British Embassy, but Abigail soon realizes that James is from the aristocratic world, which couldn't be more different from her own. But when Abigail is about to be turned down by the embassy for a job she desperately needs, James steps in to help her out!



[Sold by Chapter] Purchased for Revenge [Total ch. 12] Completed Comic


Eve has to accompany her father to a party held in a luxurious hotel and curses her unfortunate life as a daughter of a ruthless tycoon. Her role is to blandish a businessman who is planning to take over her father's company by seducing him with her youth and beauty, to maneuver the deal in favor of her father. By the time an irresistibly attractive man comes into view, Eve is fed up with everything. Defeated by his temptation, Eve shares a passionate kiss with him, not knowing that he is the man who she has to sweeten tonight!



When a Girl Makes a Move on Her Boss [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

For the year that she's been working, Shino (22) has secretly admired her boss, Yoshimori. Unable to approach him on her own, she enlists the help of her experienced aunt, who takes her to a host club... Her aunt has apparently made arrangements for Shino to become a real woman! She's taken aback, though, when her aunt's choice in man appears! Just what the heck's going on!?


Loose Night: A Night of Depravity for a Downtrodden Woman and a Beautiful Beast (Current ch. 21) Comic


Misato Arai, age 26, never had a physical relationship. In order to get a boyfriend, she suffers one disappointment after another... Stepping into a drag bar hoping to bolster her self-esteem, she just loses even more confidence by seeing all the beautiful drag queens and drinks away her sorrows. Getting tipsy, she goes on about how she's not satisfied getting off on her own, so the bartender offers Misato an unbelievable suggestion...! "Why don't I do it for you? Maybe it'll feel better if someone else touches you?" As Misato's body unravels under the kind of seductive touch of the bartender, her mind goes completely blank... "You just don't understand yourself yet." "Is this beautiful man the one who can change who I am...?"


Eishi Tsuji Doesn't Do Love (Current ch. 8) Comic


While working an overseas assignment, Tsuji saves one of his co-workers, Nakano, as he is getting accosted on the street. While Nakano looked nothing like Mimori, the man he has long had one-sided feelings for, he did check the boxes for a friends-with-benefits sort of deal.


A.R. Boyfriend -A 27-Year-Old Goes to Bed with Her Two-Dimensional Boyfriend!- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Amid today's advances in augmented reality technology, 27-year-old Aoi Miyamura enjoys "A.R. Boyfriend", a virtual boyfriend developed for women who want relationships at their convenience.
She indulges in her relationship with her A.R. boyfriend Haruki, who has been her rock for years.
One day, Aoi is stunned when Haruki suddenly appears in front of her in the flesh... and the two-dimensional boyfriend starts to make a move on her...!!


Mementos Of A Mischievous Cat [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 4) Comic


With his renowned-novelist dad away from home and his mom busy with her own job, Wataru's parents hires a young male housekeeper named Osaka to help around the house. From the moment they meet, Wataru considers Osaka's relentless efforts to be part of his life a nuisance. That is, until he receives a letter that helps him start opening up. The anonymous letters Osaka continues to bring him are sweet and caring-but Wataru believes they're from Osaka himself. Wataru decides to confront Osaka directly.


The Real Pleasure of an Older Man (Current ch. 4) Comic

Yurina enjoys older men but always gets played, so she decided to get her revenge on all the older men who play her. She used an older man rental service to call a man to do her bidding but it turns out the man she rented, Kashiwa, is just her type! A sexy older gentleman with a killer smile. "Will I go ahead and sleep with him?" she thought to herself but she never made it that far. She was completely drawn to him but when his service time is up, he did a complete 180!


I can't believe my childhood friend made me cum...! Hate sex on our first day living together (Current ch. 5) Comic

AuthorRen Togari

"I didn't say you could... Put it in!" How did us having a fight turn into sex!? I was supposed to enjoy living all on my own, but thanks to our parents' meddling, I now live together with my childhood friend. As we started bickering about about who owns what... Things got heated and now I'm supposed to test her and see whether she's a virgin or not!? Her sensitive breasts twitch with every touch...! As I run my fingers around her nipples... She lets out a cute moan, and I notice juices flowing out from between her legs. Now that she's grown up, she's too hot to resist! And then asks... "Is that all... You can do?" Well, if you want it that way...!


A Wannabe Prince! [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


Ever since becoming enamored with a prince as a child, Rio Arisugawa's been striving to be a chivalrous gentleman, and it's made him the most popular boy in school.
One day, his upperclassmen gang up on him out of jealousy.
Right when he's about to get walloped, someone waltzes in nonchalantly and save his skin... and it's third-year Ouji Hiyama, the delinquent who's feared by the whole school!
Ever since that day, Rio's been chasing Ouji around like mad, trying to become his disciple, but no luck. That is, until Rio witnesses Ouji getting up to no good, which creates a bond of secrecy between them...

It's not as straightforward as it looks to become a real prince! Thus begins this warm and fuzzy romantic comedy between two schoolboys in a master-disciple relationship!


I Picked Up A Prince [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Lanokuma is a town outside of the peaceful royal capital. Lucy is a doctor that just started working in the order of knighthood. Even though she should be working exclusively for those within the subdivision, since she is not extremely busy, so she also takes time to interact and take care of the townspeople.

One day at work, Lucy hears that the new king will come and observe them, and everyone is hyped-up. Then, on her way back home, she comes across an unknown injured man! Considering that he's hurt, she can't just leave him, so she takes him back to her own home. His name turns out to be Harold, and he's a good-looking man with purple eyes, but is that all there is to him...?


I Have Money [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic

He's still a virgin on his 30th birthday, and now he's fallen in love... Shinichiro Hirose is a stern businessman who can only boast about how much money he has in savings, and he hires an escort so he can lose his virginity before his 30th birthday. The escort who shows up is a young, polite, pretty, and nice-smelling guy named "Yodaka." Even though he knows Yodaka's a professional, because he's kind and attractive, Shinichiro falls for him. However, Yodaka has a dark past... Is it possible to buy "true love" with money!? This is a love story involving money between a stern, inexperienced businessman with plenty of cash to spare and a male escort with a secret!


The Detective Who Hopes for True Love [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 4) Comic

AuthorLinda Sumi

Naho's a single woman in her 30's with a past.
She spends her days fighting off carnal urges.
One morning, Detective Tsubasa Natsunaki visits her apartment asking for information on his case.
Tsubasa's a gallant, handsome, loyal young man.
Naho gets it into her head that just one time would be enough, and boldly asks Tsubasa for a favor.
They've spent a night of passion together, but now what...? This is the unpredictable love story between a man who's pure of heart and a slightly empty-headed woman!


Mellow Days, Spicy Nights -How To Love A Stray Girlfriend- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


She just can't refuse when he pleads like that!

With no money to her name, freelance writer Nijiko has just become homeless.
After collapsing from starvation, she wakes up to find a guy named Sogo has taken her home with him.
Sogo's clean and tidy place, as well as his delicious cooking, make her feel like she's gone to heaven.
But, after spending a week basically being pampered as his pet, she realizes she can't depend on him forever.

When she broaches the subject of leaving, Sogo asks her if she'd stay if they were dating.
Suddenly, he's no longer her kind caretaker, but a strong and aggressive man!

With her lips covered by his kisses, Nijiko can't refuse the "exciting" lifestyle that awaits her...


Train of Tormenting Tentacles -Three Perverted Sisters Get Eaten Alive- Comic


Students are required to wear their gym clothes when going to school in preparation for the upcoming field day. One girl is groped on her train ride in, and her two sisters decide to settle the score! On the day of the event, the three girls decide to stand up to the jerk and ride the train together. However, it was all a trap... At first, they resist the crawling tentacles, but eventually their bodies give in... Just who is the mastermind behind this trap!? Don't miss the three sisters with beautiful tits as they get ravished by tentacles.

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