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Tired Of Waiting For Love Comic

"Sleep with me. Just once is enough. It'll be something good for you to remember." One rainy night, Kyousuke Sawaragi picks up Shunya Kasuga, who he once saved along with a stray cat. From that day forward, the three of them start living together. Shunya can't trust other people, and tries to develop their relationship by sleeping with Sawaragi, but Sawaragi rejects "doing it" without trust or love.Slowly, their relationship begins to change. Then, one day, Shunya disappears!


It's Only Love Comic

One morning, Izumi Kurata reunites with a very unexpected person: Takatsudo, his best friend from middle school, who rejected him on the day of their graduation without saying why. He acts as if nothing happened; although Izumi feels hesitant, he's also happy. Meanwhile, he builds up a good relationship with his brother-in-law, Sawaragi, despite feeling strangely nervous around him. Then one day, Takatsudo seems to exhibit jealousy toward Sawaragi... This is a love story about adults who still carry around their pasts!

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