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Love and Trap Comic

"Will you protect me?" A high schooler named Masaki Mochida traps powerful people so that they can protect him... in exchange for his body. Then, one day, he falls in love with his classmate Aihara!


Blooming Darling ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

"OK, Takashi, it's time for you to attack me!!" That's easier said than done! Takashi starts going out with Haruhiko Fujimori, the owner of a flower shop in town called "Flower Hall." A week after they start going out, Takeshi falls victim to Haruhiko's sexual-harassment-laden 'skinship' as usual, but the tought that Haruhiko is now his lover fills himi with nervousness and anxiety... Even so, all of a sudden, they start living together! Haruhiko Fujimori gets down and dirty in this love story! "Love and Trap" contains "Blooming Darling," which deals with the events leading up to this story.

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