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Be a Man! Comic

Shinobu is a rich kid who enrolls in the school of his dreams: the Macho Academy. But, it turns out to be a cutthroat all-boys' school where might makes right!! Fellow student and martial arts master, Makoto Touga, has a secret crush on Shinobu. And Shinobu has a duty-bound bodyguard and chaperone, Shigeru. Motives clash as the school battles become more and more intense!! As a student of the Macho Academy, how will Shinobu get what he wants through his own strength...!!?


A Windflower Embroidery [Plus Bonus Page] Comic


Meet Julio, a gay thirty-year-old man and best-selling author. Despite his success in publishing, however, Julio lives a life of solitude, keeping his true identity a secret while harboring feelings of inferiority regarding his sexuality and bland appearance. His world is soon turned upside-down, though, when he encounters a beautiful young man by the name of Angel. Standing up against the world's discriminations and prejudices, the two are soon captivated by each other... Dedicated to all who are seeking romance, this is a story of cinematic human love!!


The Man I Want to Forget Comic

AuthorAoi Kujyo

Watabe comes back from seeing a client like nothing happened. He's forgotten about that night. That one and only night, one year ago. Maruya wanted to keep treating him like any other colleague, but his whole body still remembers that night...


Sweet Chains of Love -Use Your Voice 3- Comic

To Tetsu Nakamura, a veteran voice actor in his early 40s, love is just a game... He expects the same old one night stand when he takes Yukihiro Naruse, a voice actor who is over a decade younger than him, home for the night. But, to his surprise... the tables are turned on him! He ends up experiencing his first time as a bottom and is overwhelmed by Yukihiro's adoration... Figuring that it's just a temporary crush, he decides to play along until Yukihiro loses interest, but what if things don't go as planned...!?


Sweet Whispers at Night -Use Your Voice 2- Comic

Ryuichi is a veteran voice actor with over fifteen years of experience, but none of that prepared him for an unexpected night with his manager, Tohru...! Although Tohru brushes their encounter off as a consensual but awkward encounter... he blushes when Ryuichi touches his shoulder. Will Ryuichi be able to sweet talk his way into Tohru's heart!?


Use Your Voice Comic

Yuji Kuramochi is a B-List voice actor. He's currently in a complicated relationship with Junya Kobayashi, a budding star who attended the same acting school. One day, Yuji is offered his first starring role which includes an intimate scene with Junya's character. To his dismay, he lets out an embarrassing sound during the recording! After a night of drinking where he ends up spending the night with Ryuichi, another voice actor, his relationship with Junya takes an awkward turn...


Survivor's Guilt -The Playboy Falls in Love- Comic

Daisuke has nightmares every night about an accident he got into when he was a kid. He can't fall asleep without physical contact with another person. But, all he needs is a friend with benefits, not a lover. Or, so he thought... One day, he meets Riku, the little brother of his friend Kengo, the only guy who supports him and understands his past. Daisuke falls for Riku at first sight, but he can't just casually hit on him like he does with everyone else. After Daisuke learns that Riku has some trauma of his own that he wants to get over, he starts to feel something he's never felt before...


Falling in Love with You Again Comic

High-schooler Kai Hosho can't control himself one day, and on impulse, rubs off against his favorite teammate, Azusa Saotome. Things get uncomfortable, and they fall out of touch. Eight years later... Kai, a successful host, moves into an apartment building and discovers the landlord is Azusa!! Feeling guilty all these years, when Kai sees that Azusa is the same caring person, he finally understands his emotions from that day eight years ago!!


Sing for Me Comic

Stage director Seiji Mimasaka and actor Kairi Higa keep clashing, but their feelings look a lot like love. Seiji is mesmerized by the straightforward look in Kairi's eyes that makes him burn with passion...! The curtain lifts on this dramatic play full of pride, passion, and lust.


What Gets in the Way of Love Comic

Yuuki, a late bloomer who has never been kissed, secretly has feelings for his classmate, Nao. He was dead set on never becoming anything like his gay playboy of a brother Mizuki, but Nao asks him for a kiss out of the blue... Maybe this could work after all...? "You look like Mizuki," says Nao with a laugh... Is Yuuki just a stand-in for Mizuki...!?


Give It to Me, Teach Comic

I'm 24, a teacher, and... I'm being hit on by my 17-year-old student in front of his classmates. What kind of joke is this!? He steals a kiss from me after class ends one day, and even though I promptly stop it, just that one little kiss sends me reeling! He's my student, and yet all I want to do is stare at him... Into those beautiful eyes... Which will win; a student's lust or a teacher's logic?


Spill It!! Comic

Makoto, a man of virtue with a strong sense of justice and camaraderie, works hard to make ends meet. However, he used to be a biker gang's top dog. While he was known as the strongest leader ever, he was also pure, and is still a virgin to this day... Makoto's memories of the day student council member Chigusa Tokuyama stole his first kiss back in high school are as vivid as ever. One day, he happens to run into Tokuyama, now a cop, who claims he can tell if someone is a virgin "just by looking." Tokuyama then pins him to the floor...! The innocent "Mako" is on the verge of panic!! Yet, his heart and body start to yearn for his high-school nemesis!!


Our Shooting Star Comic

AuthorAo Izumi

Yuta meets his first love again, only to have him say "I can't get along with him!" When Yuta was little, he was scared of the planetarium and began to cry, but Haruto cheered him up. He was a blond-haired, blue-eyed "star prince"...! Wanting to see Haruto again, Yuta studies the stars and revolves his life around them. Then, one day, he finally gets the chance to see Haruto again...! Instead of the kind, shimmering aura Yuta expects, he's met with a rude narcissist!! But, unable to discard years of admiration, Yuta finds Haruto sleeping in the projection hall and... A wholehearted youngster calms a temperamental man with a traumatic past. This is a story of pain and pure love!


First-Love Experiment Comic

The super oblivious P.E. teacher and the bossy Chemistry teacher have been friends since elementary school, but their road to love is awkward and full of misunderstandings! Also included are stories about a perverted proctology doctor who "treats" a clueless young patient, a dull-looking office worker and a (supposedly) power top bath house attendant, and a popular guy and a geek! This book is overflowing with sweet, sexy yaoi stories!


Meow for Me [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Tohru and Anri are best friends and have been inseparable since high school. Incidentally, Tohru is a self-proclaimed gay bottom, and Anri is super homophobic. Now adults, Tohru manages a cafe, and Anri works a white collar job where he is being sexually harassed by his boss. Due to these events, Anri finds himself awakened to a feeling he's always tried to repress... How is this change going to effect his relationship with Tohru!? Also included is the first commercial release of two episodes of the "Rule Number One Series" featuring the sexually versatile couple Rio and Etsu!
Plus, a bonus page is included exclusively for users who purchase this manga from Renta!


Me, My Boyfriend, And the Future of Our Love Comic


A year has passed since Chikashi and Tomoaki, once a manager and his trainee, became a couple. They've started living together, having overcome Tomoaki's transfer to another department and a near break-up. However, Tomoaki is now being transferred to another office entirely. As they embark on a long-distance relationship, will their feelings for each other remain the same...? "It's because he's so precious to me that I want to respect his life." The emotional pain will tear at your heart in this much-anticipated third volume!!


Crystal Harem [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

Jin Yajima, a police detective in the middle of a murder investigation, comes face to face with Ryo Kitagami. The beautiful young man steals a kiss along with Jin's police badge, using skills worthy of a "legendary pickpocket," but what does he really want...? With a carefree smile and a sad profile, Ryo appears to be energetic and cheerful, but a dark shadow hangs over his shoulders... Jin is charmed by the mysterious youth, but there are skeletons in his own closet that he can't forget... His heart was frozen with grief, but Ryo finally thaws his sadness with the fires of passion. Can a romance sparked by a murder investigation survive the test of time...?


Love Starts from Misunderstandings Comic

Fuji, a high schooler, tends to make wild assumptions because of his personality. He gets the wrong idea about the owner of the restaurant he works part-time at, and his invitation on a date ends in complete failure. That night, he meets Shimizu, a nosy office worker, who mistakes Fuji for a suicidal teenage boy. Shimizu decides to look out for Fuji. "Maybe this guy likes me...?" Fuji makes another assumption, but...!


Trap You Comic

AuthorAoi Kujyo

"...I can't let Daichi find out about my feelings for him... I won't let my love turn me into a selfish and greedy person..." Both of them are timid and shy when it comes to love, which leads to a lot of drama. This is a touching love story that takes place in a high school.


Puppy Love Preschool Comic

AuthorYuhi Akino

College student Kakeru is delighted to hear that he'll be joined for his preschool student teacher training by his own first love from preschool, Mizuki. To his dismay, when Mizuki shows up, she's not the sweet little girl he remembers, but a handsome guy. Kakeru is still in shock and even repulsed at the turn of events when during a conversation Mizuki tells him, "You were very special to me. You were my first love!" Will embarrassment and pride get in the way of their first love story!? A pure love anthology with a collection of heart-warming stories featuring students! This is the first comic from Yuhi Akino.

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