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cecicakes Rating
This was very sweet and uplifting! If you're reading this, its gotta be for the heart warming flutters. Even the spicy scenes are just so pure and fluffy. Overall a lovely story about the main character who is trying to accept his unrequited love for his boss, his gay status at work, and his growing relationship with his coworker. Personally, I adored the boss who was sweet and caring (best dad), I was so glad we got his backstory as well!
zeethereddinosaur Rating
The story needs a little bit more depth in my opinion (given the many chapters it has) and in the second story/couple, I got confused to who was saying what, I don't know if it was the speech bubbles or the flow of the conversations... BUT overall the story is really good and easy-going. Sometimes it catches me off-guard with the weirdness (especially how the characters interact with one another) - the good kind of weirdness where their personalities are unpredictable but that just adds to the characters' charm.
TouchTheSound Rating
I loved the story, it's funny, cute, and sweet. I'm obsessed.
akyrie Rating
It's really great!!! I love the dynamics between both MCs and they're both very funny! I also love that it doesn't follow the stereotypical BL manga tropes?
MioAkiyama Rating
This is one of the best couple out there. I really like how deep down no matter if we're an adult there will always be a child within us and the author portrays it really well in this manga!
HorseObsessed Rating
I LOVE THIS STORY ALOT! It's so cute & funny. The smut is minimal, so if you're expecting sex in every location they're in, don't because there isn't. It's just a light, little comedy, (The Boss and I series, that is.) There is one story in the series, that is a tearjerker. There's another one about 2 high school boys that is isn't a comedy. The artwork is pretty good. Get this!
Daekin Rating
Easily one of my favorite series on here. Sweet, great story, realistic-feeling. It's not at all like so many other series. Definitely worth buying.
Mangahangry Rating
This couple was really sweet. Things didn't get dramatic so there wasn't a lot of angst or tension but still enough to keep things interesting. It would have been nice if there were more to the of the chapters seemed like it was a short one shot and was about a completely different couple (highschool age) when I would have been happier with another chapter of the main characters instead.
GregorIAN Rating
I know it is kind of silly, but I wish this was tagged with younger top. Anywho - very cute, the older boss and his friend was rather depressing side story, especially considering you don't really get a full answer about how the boss felt toward the friend. My head sang with 'you don't always get what you' over and over during that section. The side story with the VP was interesting - though I almost wanted to see the tennis manager get more involved. I just liked his character design.
ritachi Rating
A love story between coworkers in a Japanese office setting. While the premise doesn't sound all that interesting, the mangaka makes up for it by writing a true-to-life story about two men falling in love just because. The couple's bickering brings a smile to your face. And the issues that are brought up in the story, while cliched in this genre (e.g., a gay man dating a straight man, and the insecurities that brings about), aren't overly dramatized or saccharine. If you want smut, heart-pounding drama, etc etc, please skip this because you won't find it here. Instead, you'll find a simple love story between two men.This is the first book of three, and it definitely lays down the foundation while leaving enough room for the following books to expand on the characters and their growth.Added bonus is the company's president - he is all kinds of wonderful and wholesomeness. It makes you wish more people in this world were like him.
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