User Reviews For: Me, My Boyfriend, And the Future of Our Love


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ritachi Rating
The final volume, and I honestly wish it wasn't! There's so few BL manga out there that demonstrate a far more riveting storyline with a couple that are together (instead of the usual boy-meets-boy storyline). Yes, this story won't surprise you at all with its plotlines, but it does surprise you with the realness it brings to common issues that any long-distance couple has faced.Added bonus - a female character is introduced, and she's actually likable and sympathetic! Always nice to see in BL! Pick this up and its two prequels if you want a break from smut etc. and want to read a feel-good story that doesn't deal with vindictive female characters or sociopathic exes. Highly recommended.
TouchTheSound Rating
This is great, lots of feelings and the story is just as great as the other two, though I tend to like a little more "togetherness", it was still great. I'm a fan of this author now for sure.
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