User Reviews For: This Passion's a One-Way Street!


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lokie1808 Rating
Everything about this was amazing - the story, art, characters... it was all so cute and amazing! Also on the plus side, there were no rape scenes... But, honestly this was one of the best yaoi stories I've read in a very long time!
Leviackerman Rating
Typically cute and sexy steamy yaoi story. No rape so it's very safe. It could be longer!!!
doomsy Rating
The story is a bit rushed but the characters are so cute and it's super steamy. So if you are looking for smutty fluff this is right up your alley.
biggestrebel Rating
All in all, I like this story. Its quick and cute. I'd give it 5 stars if there was more development, but it's not bad for what is there!!! I would've loved to see more about Sachis back story and his and Makis friendship. I also would love to see Maki get w that guy at the end! He deserves love!!!!Sequel!!!!! Plz!!!!!
Guest Rating
cute funny and oh boy!!! >///< Just reading this is a hell of a trip! Oh but a good one no worries!~Steamy goodness and Action. Okay it's Well done there i said it happy! >///<~~nuu
Cyfi Rating
So funny and hot! Really hope to see more of this mangaka's work translated.
LMonster2 Rating
I love how Kase makes this grand announcement and he follows through with it. This is a story that you will love and enjoy the entire time. I hope there is a continuation which is hinted at the end.
vxl Rating
I am sad to see this story end. Sachi was so cute! It was a simple story not to be taken seriously. The artwork is fantastic and the characters were nice. Overall, I enjoyed it, hence the high rating.
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