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Nekurom Rating
Chapter 1 was funny.I found it funny because the black haired guy was like, oh no we ran out of sperm samples! Like, dude, just replace it and get it over with. No need to hesitate man. Secondly, it's for science! If he was truly a science enthusiast then he woulda just did it with no hesitation. Besides those reasons, I think it's cool they didn't just frick frack right away like most doujins do. It's better when characters aren't so easy to get. Like when you try to get something but it wasn't easy, you treasure it more than something that you got in 1 try.
zoeyzoeyzoey Rating
As of ch 2 it's ok. I don't dislike it and it's cute but it's not doing much for me
fionav3 Rating
Given the title and blurb of this manga, I expected nothing but smut and while yes, I got smut, I also got a very sweet story as well. Saki, for all his teasing, was actually a very decent seme and Nozomu was just adorable. The plot was simple but nicely paced, and I really liked the characters. Also, the art was beautiful. Lovely manga.
acedevorak Rating
Not too deep a story, some light angst, very nice art. Overall enjoyable!
xisue Rating
Beautiful art and character designs, but feels more like smut for smut. Which feels largely attributed to either the translation or how the author set up the characters. The dialogue seems very generic, with weird mismatched tones for the setting, which makes no real sense of what these charcters are supposed to be or act like. So they seem to have zero personality.
AnimeLover101 Rating
BlackBelle Rating
I have been wanting to read this for a while, so finally decided to bite the bullet. I went in knowing it wasn't going to be a deep plot with meaningful character development, so if you're hoping for that from a book called “Dude, can I have some DNA?” What's wrong with you? Anyway, I thought it was cute and enjoyed reading it. Typical tropes throughout, and good for a light, quick read that doesn't involve a lot of plot or thinking.
Huntress Rating
A cute little completed. With the perfect sprinkle of angst, humour and saucy. Highly recommend!
Matrixremi Rating
This manga is very cute. I love the couple in it. The one who is innocent and passionate with the one who is protective and mature. They go together well. I enjoy every delicious page.
Xena Rating
They're both so cute, I love it but as much as I love it, it hasn't reached my top favourites but it's an interesting concept and cute story and worth the price
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