User Reviews For: The Beast, the Prince, and I - Obscene Love Triangle


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xxii Rating
Rather pleasant. Mr. Cop isn't your typical male love interest! :)
Nyanko Rating
There's really nothing obscene about this story, it's just a standard love triangle with some deception and crime tossed into the mix. The artwork is solid, but nothing special. The sex scenes lack any real passion or heat, but that's likely because the story lacks any kind of characterization other than very basic ones (she's a dreamer, he's a working stiff, he's a prince). It's unfortunate that the characters are so short changed here, because the dynamic could be an exciting one. Unfortunately, it's hard to care much about what happens since there's no one to empathize with. The premise of the story is its best feature. There's a ton of potential if things were fleshed out more, and the tension between the cop and the prince was expanded upon. Put some real consequences in, and the element of danger would be great. Or, you know, make is obscene so there's a titillation factor.
artemis Rating
That was nice! A good story with an interesting plot and lovable characters. The writers doesn't go for the usual tropes of the genre, which is quite refreshing. I think I will read more of her work.
pt0n Rating
Such a cute storyline. Got to love her loyalty but hard to resist a bad boy.
hempress Rating
the story is rushed and characters aren't fleshed out, but a cute manga overall! I loved the detective character especially :)
pinkapacla Rating
Short and sweet and not so obscene as the title says (which in my opinion is a good thing).
Majala Rating
A promising premise but so short that it was hard to feel any empathy with any of the characters
loldk Rating
A must read! Every chapter of this manga is very enjoyable.
nacin Rating
Love this story~But its too short ;(I want more~~
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